Many generations were more willing to give up their

      Many people have different views towards the future. No one knows what the future has in store, however when examining the direction society is heading towards nowadays the future does not look promising. The future is undesirable and as a society, many things must be changed in order for the future to look promising. A hundred years into the future, societies kindness towards one another will drastically drop. Making the future undesirable. Based on how society is behaving in 2018, as years go on important qualities such as respect, selflessness, and honesty will vanish. Currently people’s respect is at an all time low. With people making themselves their own priority, they are willing to do whatever it take to achieve their goals. Not considering others, and not caring if they disrespect others as long as they get what they want. Nowadays children are more disrespectful because that is what they are accustomed to, that is what they are seeing in their society. Children’s minds are very easily influenced, and children are the future of our world. A children’s behaviour researcher named Charles Leghee recently conducted a study of how different ages responded to a giving up their seat on a bus for a pregnant woman. Studies showed that older generations were more willing to give up their seat, showing more respect. While younger generations did not care and weren’t willing to put other first. “Younger kids are observing Bad behaviour and children see children do” (Leghee, 2015). Studies have also shown that a child’s personality is formed by the age of ten. (Dr. Dheare, 2011) once stated “By the age a ten and child has a set personality, what they have observed until the age of ten are the fundamentals they have obtained.” If kids are learning to be disrespectful, and aren’t being taught the importance of respect that is how they will act when they are grown up. The values children are learning now, is what they will will teach their children in the future. As generations go by respect will be a less important trait and will be lost, making the society a less pleasant place. The only way can prevent the loss of respect is to teach children the importance of it, and make it a priority.Values are lost daily in our society, another value that will soon also be lost if people don’t change is selflessness. As time goes by people are becoming more and more involved in their own lives, not regarding or worrying about others. With all the technology available to humans these days, people are so involved in their own lives and so focused on themselves that they forgot about others. Being able to access any part of your life is now doable because of technology. As technology progresses, people will focus more and more on their phones and computers and will completely forget about others. In the novel “Elysium”, Delacourt is one of the leaders of Elysium, the highly exclusive society. Delacourt is willing to ruin others people’s lives by not supplying them with the technology they need to survive all so she can keep it to herself and the rich and elite. “Elysium is not for people like you. It is for people like me” (Delacourt, 2014). No one would give something to someone else if they can have it themself.  Today’s society is extremely selfish, everyone wants things but no one wants to give things or think about others needs. In order for the future to be successful, people must be reminded of the power of being selfless. The act of selflessness creates a positive environment, by doing the act both persons are overwhelmed with happiness. Without selflessness, the happy atmosphere that acts of selfless creates will no longer be applicable in the future. Making the future a very dull, depressing place. In order to not have this be the future, people in today’s society must begin performing small selfless acts towards one another so they are reminded of the joy a selfless act will bring them.As time goes on and the future approaches, society is also losing its sense of honesty. Everyday it becomes harder and harder to trust one another, because many people act one way to someones face and then act another way behind their back. People are no longer honest to one another. Telling the truth has become more difficult throughout the years and as time goes on it will only become more difficult. Without honesty people become overly cautious, and an environment where people are overly cautious tends to be weird and awkward. As people continue to be dishonest, the awkward environment will only grow over time. Today’s society is uncomfortable with who they are and lying is way of pretending you are better than you are. With many T.V. shows and movies teaching children that lying is acceptable, lying is become more and more normal. In the movie “To kill a Mockingbird”, and innocent man is accused of a crime he did not commit all because the person who did commit the crime is not willing to own up to their actions. “You know the truth, and the truth is this: some negroes lie, some negroes are immoral, some negro men are not to be trusted around women- black or white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men. There is not a in this courtroom who has never told a lie” (Finch 20.48). The movie does not promote lying but it does however address how our society is accustomed to being dishonest. People are willing to lie if it will keep them out of trouble, making our society less trustworthy everyday. Another T.V. show that also encourages lying is “Pretty little liars”. “Pretty little liars”, deals with the concepts of lying to get away with one’s mistakes. “I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep out of trouble, sometimes you have to put yourself first by whatever means” (Hannah, 2015). With people being exposed to liars on social media, T.V., and books, it influences people and makes lying seem like it is not a big deal. If today’s society continues to see lying as a normal thing, the lies will only continue to grow and become more drastic. In order for the future to be a place where people can feel comfortable, people must start owning up to their actions and taking responsibility and accepting the consequences for their mistakes. Even though today’s society is instilled with many bad habits and morals, if society continues down the path it is going, the future will be an extremely undesirable place. People need to make major changes in order to make the future look more optimistic. By instilling basic values such as respect, selfless and honesty in today’s society, will have a huge impact on what the future can be. In order for the future to be desirable, humanity has to make it desirable.