Mankind whom Sally was one of them. On June

Mankindhas made great strides, which are marked by great people.

In these people, notonly men, but women are also a very important part of human progress. The firsttwo women who flew into space had marked a historic moment, breaking downstereotypes about gender discrimination, and proving that women are notinferior to men.This event had also proved the importance of women in all agesof human history during the most tension period of the Cold War. They were anAmerican woman named Sally KristenRideand a Soviet Union woman named Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova.  The Two came from the two different countries and differentideologies, but there weremany similarities between them.The passion is unlimited and no sex discrimination.

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Thestressful jobs always require intense concentration and patience. It may belongto the jobs just men can do, but the talented, powerful, beautiful andconfident women can also do well this work which made men surprised andadmired. No more people is known that in order to be selected as the historicflight attendant and bringing the Soviet Union to become the first country tohave female pilots flying into space, Tereshkova had to compete with 400 other candidateswho were all very bright, ambition and enthusiasm. Tereshkova’s resilientspirit was further challenged in the face of a very serious incident thatoccurred during the landing. After each round, the Vostok-6 spacecraft leftfurther the Earth, but she responded immediately and made the ship come backthe Earth’s trajectory. Finally, Tereshkova landed safely. Likewise, SallyKristen Ride is a typical character for overcoming the prejudice about thewomen of society. Once, when reading Stanford University’s news, Sallyaccidentally reads about recruiting astronauts of NASA.

She had decided tojoin. In over 8,000 candidates, only 35 people were accepted, including sixwomen whom Sally was one of them. On June 18, 1983, she became the firstAmerican woman flew into space in the crew of the spaceship named Challenger.It was not easy to adapt to life in space, but because of the desire to becomean astronaut, she had been trained herself in difficult conditions. Overcomingthe limitations of herself and winning the soft instincts of women.  Both of them had to go through strict training to havesucceeded.

After receiving a decision to become an astronaut in January 1978,Sally began a one-year training and assessment phase. She underwent intensetraining with parachuting exercises, water training, and gravity environments,radio communications. The hard training ended the month on August 8, 1979.After the course, she qualified to be an expert in the space shuttle crew. InFebruary 1962, Tereshkova was selected to join the women’s astronaut team aftersurpassing more than 400 candidates. Participating in the training withTereshkova are 4 other women, but only one person will participate in theofficial mission. Training contents include flying in zero gravity, knowledgeof flight control and skydiving. Both of them experienced hardships, andsometimes even “brutal” because no one knew how gravity would affectthe human body.

Therefore, to become astronauts, they had to overcome theirlimits, conquer the instability of the instinct and challenge all obstacles.They became a symbol of their national pride.Astronaut Sally Ride has contributed to changing the face of the US spaceexploration program. She became the first youngest American woman to fly intospace.

One of the awards she got was the Jefferson Award, which was givenannually to individuals under the age of 35. In addition, in 2003, she wasnominated for the Astronaut Hall of Fame by The Kennedy Space Center. After herdeath, President Barack Obama presented her with the Presidential Medal ofFreedom. It is the highest medal in America that an individual can receive. Likewise,Valentina Tereshkova received awards named the Hero of the Soviet Union. Sheserved in the Soviet Union and represented the Soviet to attend internationalwomen’s organizations and events.      Theyare the people who inspire the generations of women. Ms.

Ride has become anidol for every young girl in the United States and the world who aspire to flyto the stars. After the Ride’s flight, there were more than 45 women in the worldflew into space. Throughout her life, Sally Ride has two elementary schoolsnamed as her name, one in Woodlands in Texas and one in Germantown in Maryland.She founded the Imaginary Lines, which is a women’s advocacy organization for girlswho interested in scientific research, mathematics, and technology.

In 2001,she founded the Sally Ride Science Foundation to support students, especiallygirls in science research. The organization runs the Sally Ride Science Clubfor high school girls across the United States. At age 76, Valentina Tereshkova- the most famous woman in the Soviet Union was ready to make her way to newdimensions in the vast universe which full of mystery. She dreams of flying toMars, finding out whether there existed life on this planet, even though it mightbe a one-way trip. She is loved and revered in the Star City. She often visitsthe orphanage. She not only to talk, but always carry many gifts for them.

Fromearly morning till late at night she does not seem to belong to herself, shelives every day for everyone and sharing their concerns. In conclusion, the two helps women in the whole worldrecognize that women are not only as precious as fragile petals that needprotection and love, but also women can become the iron flower which neverfalls. Thousands of women have crossed the obstacles of their own and reachedthe highest achievement. They inspire the future generations to believe thatnothing is impossible. While many women in their age only perform common taskssuch as a housewife, the two are women who beat up the bell to show the willand strength of the women.