Mandarin felt that the words that I’m reading just

Mandarin and IMy first experience of learning the Mandarin language was challenging, interesting and satisfying. Learning a foreign language is one of my biggest dreams. When I was a child, I really like searching different “hello” in different languages. And when I speak it, I felt that I’m fluent with it. I’m so happy to hear from my brother’s friend that Calsciis teaching different language.At first, I was sitting, listening to the discussion. I was really bored back then. I didn’t want to learn Mandarin at all. I couldn’t wait to give it up and start a new language. To be honest, I’m not really attracted in learning Mandarin; I prefer Korean, Nihonggo or maybe French.First Quarter, I really had a poor grade even though I study hard. I felt that the words that I’m reading just kept on flying. I think one of my problems in learning this language is that I really had a hard time in memorizing the tones of some words in Mandarin and that made me not appreciate the language.After I received my grades for first quarter I was really disappointed at that time. Instead of crying over it, I think of a plan on how I will go to keep my grades up. Then this idea of mine comes up, “What if I try to watch Chinese Drama”. I think I’ll be more inspired on learning this language if I will watch some Chinese Drama. I become addicted to it and to my surprise, I suddenly found myself understanding things. I have decided that maybe I could get quite good grades in the second quarter exam if I actually study something. So I started really putting a lot of effort on studying Mandarin. As time pass by I realized that I loved Mandarin. I worked hard to understand every single vocabulary words that are being taught to us. One of my favorite things to do when I’m reviewing is to look at a sentence structure and then I tried to replace certain words in that sentence just so I know that I can make my sentence. If there is one thing that I want to develop in my Chinese skills maybe it’s how to pronounce properly the words.I realized that when you want to learn a foreign language you should really make sure that the motivation is there. You have to ask yourself “Why do I want to learn this language” and then work toward that. Mine was I wanted to be able to communicate fluently and comfortably, and expressed myself in this language.