Making and showed them the next day for their

Making a presentation is a very challenging experience.However, it involves us in a learning process, gain skills and build ourconfidence which will help us in our future career.  I have learnt a lot from the presentation exercise thatwe have done. Firstly, is how important it is to know how to work with everyonein our group. This presentation exercise experience has grown my confidence inmy leadership capabilities because I took a step forward and took charge of everysituation.

When our group was already confirmed, I immediately gathered all themembers and we started preparing for our presentation. We started researchingthe topics that everyone agreed on then listed all the important information weneeded. As we did not have enough time to gather information together. Idecided to let each member choose the topic that they would be more comfortableresearching on.  Secondly, is how to effectively manage our time and workas a team. We could not find a time to finish our PowerPoint for this becausewe had another presentation which we had to focus on first. Also, we had toconsider each other’s schedules and situations.

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Therefore, I volunteered tofinish our PowerPoint and showed them the next day for their approvals andedited it together.  Lastly, is to support and help each other to improve ourweaknesses. Everyone help each other to make our presentation better by makingsure everyone understood and know what we were supposed to do and say.  Almost everything from the beginning until the end wentwell in this presentation exercise. Our presentation was well structured andpresented. Our meetings were productive, and everyone promptly completed theirdesignated tasks. We all contributed and shared our ideas.

Although we had somedisagreements, we still agreed on something we knew would be best for ourpresentation.  Although our presentation was successful, there werethings that we could have done better. We could have managed our time better sothat we could have rehearsed our presentation multiple times to deliver arousing presentation. We could have also been more organised because we forgotto include a conclusion. Luckily, I realised and remembered it while practisingbefore the actual presentation. Otherwise, we could have lost some marks. Somemembers could have clearly communicated their ideas to everyone and not just toone person.

Some members could have also willing to receive constructivecriticism and help themselves to improve their presentation skills. Thedelivery of our presentation could have been better by making our voice louderand more variant and some pronunciations clearer.  In conclusion, this presentation has taught me how toproduce an effective presentation. This also taught me to prepare well andpractise speaking as often as possible to not forget what I am about to say.The preparing and delivering this presentation has developed my confidence andpresentation skills.

Working well with others madethis exercise extremely worth it for myself and my groupmates because weproduced a good and successful presentation.