Maharani make their own plans and defeated the Sikh

Maharani Jind Kaur had an overall hard time keeping the Sikh Empire pure and undercontrol like her husband Maharaja Ranjit Singh did, yet she definitely tried her best tostop the British or any other cruel rulers from taking over. Poor Maharani Jind Kaur didnot at all have an easy life, as her husband died, leaving behind the almost perfectPunjab for her to control. Jind Kaur was not always this helpless and weak, but once wasa rebellious and stubborn woman who was known as the “Sovereign of Punjab”.Throughout her life, all she wanted was for Punjab to have peace and prosperity so shetried her best to provide a perfect life for her Sikh family. Maharani Jind Kaur also had ason, named Duleep Singh who was sadly never allowed to meet his own mother. Eventhough Jind Kaur had faced many problems, she found very clever and wise solutions tomost of them if not all.Everything had taken a major turn after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the yearof 1839, because everything started to fall into disorder. Immediately after his death theBritish began to increase their military strength which slowly lead to the first Anglo SikhWar in 1845, which continued on for a year. Raja Tej Singh and Raja Lal Singh were incharge at the time, but the two of them had betrayed the Sikh Army in such a way thatthe Sikh Army lost most wars. Raja Lal Singh would often give information about how theSikh Army was preparing for war to the British, and the British would give himinstructions as to what to do in return. Maharani Jind Kaur or anybody else at the timehad no idea about this and continued to do as they were. In this way, the British waitedfor the Sikh Army to weaken and they got all the information about the war plan from thetwo Sikh leaders and continued to make their own plans and defeated the Sikh army inmost wars.Maharani Jind Kaur had many problems which proved to be obstacles, and most ofthem were related to money and power. The Sikh army had started to demand morepay, and the cost of training the army had went up. This was one of the bigger problemsin that it was the army who had to do the physical fighting and battle for their rights, butthey themselves did not understand the critical condition of their empire. During thetimes of the Guru’s, such as Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the men and women would volunteerto fight and sacrifice themselves for Sikhs, but now the armies wanted pay and did notunderstand how it was crucial for them to cooperate. This problem was solved by theMaharani getting advice from the council and increasing the army pay. Another problemwas that Gulab Singh Dogra stole from the Lahore Treasury and that Pashuara SinghKanvar wanted to replace Dileep Singh as Maharaja. As helpless as she was, she againwent to the newly appointed council of elder statesmen of the time and asked for advice.Later, to solve the problem she sent Gulab Singh Dogra to court who had thepunishment of paying a fine of 6,800,000 rupees with the promise of good behaviour.Also, to prevent her son from losing power she got Dileep Singh betrothed to thedaughter of Chatar Singh Atarivala. Even after solving all these problems, she onceagain had to face one of the biggest obstacles in her life.Maharani Jind Kaur was sent away from her son and Sikh Empire in the year of 1846,and was kept in the Fort of Lahore for more than 13 years. This was when shecompletely lost her control over the Empire because she now had no way to contactanyone inside of the Sikh Empire. She had also lost all connections with the people inthe Empire. Maharani Jind Kaur would have expected her son to take care of the Empireafter her, but poor Dileep Singh had nobody who could explain the importance ofSikhism to him. Jind Kaur was taken away since the British feared that Dileep Singhwould be brought up by Jind Kaur so perfectly that he would fight non-stop to free theSikh Empire. The British wanted to take over due to the fact that Punjab had so manyriches and how it was Punjab who had the Kohinoor diamond at the time. MaharajaDuleep Singh was given to Queen Victoria, who took perfect care of Dileep Singh butshe was also the one who had persuaded him to convert to Christianity. The British hadvery carefully made their plans and the two most important things they did were firstconvert Dileep Singh into Christianity and second keep him so far away from Sikhs thathe was not even allowed to talk to any Sikh men except trusted Indian servants. Thiscaused Duleep Singh’s connection with his mother to break off completely as he was nolonger allowed to keep a relation with Sikhism. Which meant him and his mother had nocontrol over the Sikh Empire now.In conclusion, there was not much Maharani Jind Kaur could do to save the Empireeven though she did her complete best. She was exiled away from her family and wasnot allowed to meet anyone for 13 years, and although she was given a pension, shenever had enough food and was overall lonely. She was let out from being exiled in 1859when the British thought she was no longer a threat but by this time she was helplessand getting older. Maharani Jind Kaur had almost no control over the Empire whichcaused the Sikh empire to slowly face defeat in the year of 1849. Maharani Jind Kaurpassed away in the year of 1863 and her death rituals were fortunately performed by herson Dileep Singh.