Magic events of life as ordinary. [Keywords: Magic Realism,

Magic realism is one of the mostcommon topics of research and discussion, with its history and theory in mind.It was first conceived in Latin American culture and is now universallyrecognized for its distinctive qualities, and among its works are some of themasterpieces of modern and ancient literature. It will probably be recognizedand respected just like classic works now. Magic Realism permits numerous realitiesto exist, which would not have been imaginable otherwise.

The present research inspectsGabriel Garcia Marquez in his novel OneHundred Years of Solitude, who haspresented the extraordinary events of life as ordinary. Keywords: Magic Realism, Latin American,reality, Solitude, extraordinary. GabrielGarcia Marquez is reduced a forte for merging the ordinary with the astonishing,the past with the tremendous, and mental realism with odd voyages of fancy. Hehas verified himself as one amongst the inventors of magic realism. His OneHundred Years of Solitude is a radical novel that offers an observing glassinto the views and beliefs of its author, who elects to give a literary voiceto Latin America. Magicrealism is a literary form in which unusual, creepy, and fantastic tales are associatedas if the actions were ordinary.

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Magic realism is the opposite of the”once-upon-a-time” style of story-telling in which the author highlightsthe fantastic eminence of fantasy actions. “In the world of magic realism,the narrator expresses the surreal naturally until it becomes real.”(www.

123assets/4358)   Magic realism in its fictional and creativeapplications intended to re-imagine the world and its reality. It is not an entertainingscheme but rather a chance to see the fantastic in the everyday. There are variousartistic merits of magic realism. Moreover, the key is the denial ofsubjectivity and emotionality, synchronization of former, current and forthcomingand defamiliarization.

However, these merits discriminate magic realism fromthe fantasy genre. In fantasy novels, the created world must have an innerlogic. Magic realism however, is not subject to ordinary or physical regulations.Gabriel usesthe formula of magical realism and contents derived from history and politicsto delineate some of the most tough and eloquent themes. He portrays war, misery,and death with simplicity and political angle. One HundredYears of Solitude is a typicalpiece of magical realism, in which the extraordinary is delineated as secular,and the secular as extraordinary. The novel presents an imaginary story in an imaginarysetting.

  He cautiously equates realisticlife elements, like poverty and housecleaning, with outrageous illustrations, suchas a floating pastor. There are several aims of this. One is to familiarize thereader to Gabriel’s Colombia, where myths, omens, and folk tales exist side byside with modernity. secondly leads the reader to interrogate what is real andwhat is fantastic, particularly in the dominion of politics. It is to forcequestion the illogicality of our everyday lives. The warped and twisting worldof politics is under a great deal of inspection in this novel, mainly thechapters that deal with Colonel Aureliano Buendia.

The world of politics is a murkyone. There is slight difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives;both parties slaughter and avail the people. Although Gabriel has a fixed anticapitalisticbent, his aim in delineating the politics of the region is not to be vitriolic.As an alternative, he comments on how the nature of Latin American politics is inthe direction of illogicality, rejection, and endless repetitions of tragedy.The unusual actions and characters are fictitious. However, the message that Gabrielaims to bring explains a factual history. Thepolitically vehemence representative of Colombia’s history is resembled inColonel Aureliano Buendia who conducts war on the Conservative who are easingthe growth of outlandish imperialist to authority.

The privileged bananaplantation set up their own tyrannical laws force. The use of real actions companiedwith Colombian history by Garcia Marquez puts One Hundred Years of Solitudeas an outstanding sample of magical realism. Not only are the actions of thestory an entwining of reality and fiction, but the novel as a total voice thehistory of Colombia from a critical viewpoint. In this way, the novel squeezes numerousperiods of Latin American history into a handy text.

The novel delineatesthe story of one hundred years in the lives of the Buendía family, who animatethe seaside forests of an anonymous Southern American country. It could similarlybe seen as the story of the civic they found, Macondo. Another clarificationwould be that it is the story of the life of Úrsula Buendía.

Entirely, thesethings are tied fundamentally together. it is not for the title, it also encompassessamples of every sort of solitude and remoteness that it is imaginable forhuman beings to experience, from real captivity through loss of sight to the mysticalgap of repetitive erotic conquests, or the cheerfulness of loneliness with theone you adore. As Johnston asserts “Thecentre of their lives is the home or erotic attachments. ” Also, thisis the story of one hundred years in the life of Macondo`s populations, thestory of the city’s accouchement, growth and decease. Civil war and ordinary catastrophesplague this vivacious place whose population struggle to renovate itself andsurvive.