Lying “yes” to any requests and suggestions from others.

Lying almost always complicates the relationship between people. However, lying to oneself complicates life itself. To engage in self-deception, pretending to be someone else, or convincing oneself about something, then, go away from reality. To be honest with yourself and stop lying to yourself, you need to study yourself and your behavior.Learn to say “no”One of the main signs that a person is lying to himself is the habit of agreeing with people in everything. Such people feel obliged to say “yes” to any requests and suggestions from others. However, such behavior is self-deception. Agreeing in everything with others, a person sometimes takes on responsibilities that can never be fulfilled. In addition, the habit of agreeing in everything leads to the fact that people start to use, others see his inability to refuse anything. Learn to say “no” when necessary. So you will let those around you understand what you really think, and also stop deceiving yourself.Keep track of your thoughts about yourselfStop trying to meet other people’s expectations. Watch yourself during the day. Pay attention, do not you try to adapt to someone, are not you afraid to disappoint others. Such actions undermine your individuality. Try not to talk or do things that are contrary to your beliefs and interests. Do not commit actions only by the fact that they are waiting for you from others. Do not try to be someone else or imitate anyone. Remain yourself.Mechanisms of protectionAnother sign of self-deception is the peremptory defense of one’s point of view, which does not allow for any other opinions. If you always consider yourself right, you deceive yourself, you go into deep defenses and do not listen to others. This behavior transforms one’s own beliefs and a system of values ??into an instrument for achieving personal goals, which in no way contributes to honesty before oneself and others.Do not exaggerate your abilitiesThe habit of overestimating oneself and one’s abilities is also one of the kinds of lies to oneself. It leads to the fact that a person loads himself with duties that he can not fulfill, but at the same time he continues to assert that he is capable of everything. As a result, he can not confirm his words by deed and loses his reputation among those around him. Learn to recognize your vulnerability and not perfection. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Recognize the limitations of your abilities.Cease living dreamsQuite common is a person’s behavior when he is dissatisfied with his personal life, work, financial situation, etc., he dreams how he could change everything, but does nothing for it. If you think that in your life you need to change something, pay attention, do not you rely on the case, do not try to push the solution of problems into the future in the hope of better times. This behavior is self-deception and must be disposed of. Stop dreaming about the things that you need, do to get them