Like picture so they know…you’re just like “them.”Electronics…they’re the

Like “them”By: Grace NorrisAt night, you stare into your closet for hours trying to find something to wear. But you can’t. You don’t have the same clothes as them. The crop tops, the ripped jeans, nike socks. You have hoodies, sweatpants, and a few band t-shirts you got as hand-me-downs from your older sister.  You ask your mom to take you shopping and then you buy clothes you don’t even like. They’re uncomfortable, tight, and they make you feel like someone you’re not. But hey, at least you’ll be like “them.”You don’t like coffee. In fact, you hate it. But you beg your mom to take you to Starbucks. She scrapes up the last $5 she has, just to get you a venti iced coffee. You take the first drink and you instantly gag. There is no way you can finish this. But you have to.  But before you do, you take a picture of it and spend five minutes searching for the perfect filter on instagram. You know, the one that accentuates the drink and hides the background of the car you’re embarrassed for anyone to see. You have to post a picture so they know…you’re just like “them.”Electronics…they’re the biggest part of our lives.  We spend most of our waking hours scrolling through Instagram, liking only the popular people’s pictures. Oh, you can’t forget snapchat. We can finally feel good about ourselves. Well, with the perfect  lighting and filter that blurs away our insecurities, that is.  We text our friends. We gossip and rant.  Usually about other people who didn’t really do anything to us.  We just like to have something to complain about. You might lose a few good friends. But it’s okay…you’re just like “them.”You’re a girl in 8th grade. You’re almost expected to wear makeup.  Instead of getting as much sleep as you can for the final you have tomorrow, you wake up an hour earlier so you can cover your face with powders and creams. By the time you’re done, you can’t even recognise yourself. But it’s okay…you’re just like “them.”As a teen in the 21st century, we spend so much of our turn trying to fit in.  From our perfectly curled hair, to our black high top converse. None of us are perfect, but in our eyes, being popular is pretty close. As long as we fit in, it doesn’t matter if we don’t know ourselves anymore. We just need to be like “them”.