Letter to Delhi to pursue my master’s project, I

Letter of Motivation


I would like to affirm my interest to apply for the Masters in
Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institute for the next available intake in autumn
2018 session. I believe that choosing this program will be essential for my
future prospects. I came to understand and appreciate the wonders of Science with
my Bachelor’s degree, inspiring me to pursue Master’s in the field. With second
Master’s degree in Biotechnology, I learned various techniques in Microbiology,
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I have acquired double
Master’s degree with an aim to strengthen my foundation with basic concepts of
Life Sciences and Biotechnology. I am confident in my abilities and wish to
assure the evaluation board that I would bring my knowledge, skills, innovation,
experience and exposure gained throughout my academic career.

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Growing in India life throws many challenges at each stage of
life. As I moved to Delhi to pursue my master’s project, I happen to visit
several government hospitals and realized how people from underprivileged
background are suffering and are deprived of even basic health care. I felt if
women are empowered with healthcare at crucial stages of life, perhaps the vicious
cycle of deprivation could be addressed. I always wondered could my knowledge help
in providing affordable methods to detect and treat certain common diseases,
which are prevalent in India, African subcontinent and other developing
countries. Through this program I hope to develop entrepreneurial skills in
starting and sustaining several such initiatives that would make a difference
at the grass root. I have compelling desire to provide affordable low-cost
quality health care products that could be customized to the needs of underdeveloped


have a vision to manage my business in the near future, with an ultimate aim to
create affordable health related products and services. The master’s program in
Entrepreneurship and Innovation will help me developing essential knowledge of
how to experiment an innovative idea, product or service, how to finance
start-up ventures and innovation projects, and how to sell and market new
products and services into national and international markets. I will also get
to learn tools and concepts relating to management of a business, how firms
compete for customers in national and international markets, how to frame strategies;
organize activities and operations to grow into successful business. It will
also help me in understanding the hurdles, opportunities, skills and fundamental
requirements essential to lead and manage the process of innovation, start-up
and growth.


gone through the course structure which combines theory and practice, I am
convinced that it provides participants the opportunity to apply classroom
knowledge in real life scenarios in the wider entrepreneurship and management
spectrum. On one side, I get to understand the basic skills based in theory and
practice within core areas such as entrepreneurship, product development, and
marketing, on the other side, I will be exposed to the processes involved in
Industrial management, Project management, market analysis and business


believe that the specialized academic environment developed over the years by
dedicated researchers, teachers and even students at Karolinska Institute will
put me on the fast track to a career in entrepreneurship. The wide range of
knowledge acquired during the course at University will equip me with skills
and competence required in rapidly changing corporate world. As our world
constrict in a global village, I am aware of the need to have a globally
recognized qualification which broadens one’s prospective, if one is to be and
stay competitive. As a leading research institution with a long learning
tradition and innovation in a multi-cultural environment, Karolinska Institute
has what it takes to prepare me for a rewarding career in project management
and entrepreneurship.


I expect to use the individual and group activities to broaden my
perspective, share my experiences and learn from the experiences of others.
It would be very enlightening to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a
group of people from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools
of thought on one platform. It will also help me understanding the hurdles,
opportunities, fundamental requirements, and particular skills need to lead and
manage the process of innovation, business start-ups, high growth, and rapid
change. I am enthusiastic, energetic and innovative.
I believe that I can fuse my interest in poetry, dancing, painting with
biotechnology, to develop my entrepreneurial skills. This helps in
disseminating my knowledge in creative ways, after all entrepreneurship is all
about creativity.