LETTER I have known her for two years and



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I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of
Ishani Bhansali (0801EC141024), whom I have taught Telecommunication Switching
Systems and Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and mentored her in the
Electronics workshop-I and Software Workshop-II during her undergraduate
program at SGSITS, Indore. I have known her for two years and it is a pleasure
to recommend her to your esteemed university.

In the two years that I have known her, she has consistently
proved herself to be an avid and ardent student. She adopts a practical
approach toward problems and is highly creative which, according to me, would
help her excel in any course she wishes to
undertake. In the several conversations that I have had with her, she portrayed
herself to be cogent and insightful. She has confidently talked about the
course related topics as well as she is well aware of the new developments in
the subject.  

She has consistently been able to maintain a score of 70% and
above in the theory subjects that I’ve taught her. Her eagerness to learn new
things and active participation in the classroom is what makes her stand out
from the rest of her peers. Moreover, she is always
keen to help her classmates and tries to establish a co-operative and healthy
environment among her peers. She is a diligent student, as she is committed
towards her goals, regularly seeks to overcome her weaknesses and hones her
strengths. Overall, I found her working with a foresight to become a successful
professional in the future.

I was also a mentor to her in the project titled “Optical Character
Recognition” which she made using MATLAB. In this project she led a team of
three members and displayed characteristics such as team management and punctuality.
She never failed to meet the deadlines. She also communicated effectively with
me at every step of the project incorporating the suggestion I made with an
astute fusion of her own ideas. She has shown profound knowledge of coding and
algorithm development and helped in development of the GUI as well. Her hard
work and dedication is clearly evident since the project earned a position in
the top 5% in class.

I rate her among the best students of my class and thus, I
highly endorse her for admission to your graduate program with suitable merit
base financial support.  Please feel free
to write to me if you have any questions regarding the student.