Law from different perspectives. My studies of English Literature

Law affects almost every aspect of our lives without us even noticing. ‘The Law is the bedrock of the nation; it tells us who we are, what we value, who has power, and who hasn’t. Almost nothing has more impact on our lives TS1 (Helena Kennedy QC ‘Just Law’ 2004).

My growing fascination with world tragedies, injustice and inequality has increased my interest in developing a career in Law. STS2 tudying Law at university,TS3  would allow me to develop a sound understanding of the law and develop skills such as analysing, persuasion, evaluation and written/oral communication further.                 I have visited both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court on a few occasions. During these visits, I have been able to witness a wide variety of cases.

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This has allowed me to understand the importance of a barrister and the effect they could have on an individual and society. It also made me realise the pressure placed upon individuals within the legal services. Although the career may be challenging due to the law continuously evolving and the diverse TS4 range of issues tied to this one particular area, I feel this challenge will allow me to maintain an ever-growing interest in the law and inspire me to work harder to make a change.                Studying Law has given me a small insight into the world of Law and has allowed me to develop oral communication during moots, analytical skills and criticism.

TS5 Throughout the course I have particularly enjoyed looking at the criminal aspects of law and how the law is there solely to protect the public. It is also a common misconception that the law is very straight forward. But in studying Law I have come to realise that legislation can be interpreted in many ways, by both the jury and the judge, often leading to unfair outcomes, resulting in inconsistency in the Law. This has helped to develop my analytical skills as I have begun to look at things from different perspectives.                My studies of English Literature have allowed me to develop my written and oral communication whilst focusing on analysing passages and helping me to present my ideas clearly to others.

This would help me during a career as a barrister as I would be able to articulate my thoughts and arguments to those with a legal understanding and ordinary citizens (the jury) hopefully allowing for a confident, fair judgement. Once again, I have particularly enjoyed looking into how things can be interpreted in different ways, resulting in a completely view of a character TS6 in a novel and possibly even altering my view of the book. It is also interesting to look at typicality’s TS7 and the history of the novel to see how societies views have altered over time.

                Studying Geography at A-Level, particularly Human Geography has given me a greater understanding of inequality, social conventions and problems facing countries all over the world. This would help me in a career as a barrister as I have broader knowledge of views and morals from around of the world which could allow me to create arguments for or against a case.TS8                 I am currently undertaking my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have already completed my practise and real expedition. I have also completed my 6 months volunteering which I did at Baby Beat, at the Royal Preston Hospital’s maternity TS9 ward. It also allowed me to develop a working relationship with nurses and doctors who regularly visited the shop and gave me an insight into a working career paritucarly in the emergency services and their extraordinary work.

The skills I gained from this will help me as I have developed confidence and my oral communication. I also continued this work for a further 6 months.                In conclusion, studying Law at university wound allow me to develop my analytical skills further and develop a sound understanding of the Law. I have always been a determined, academic and reliable individual hence the reason why I believe university is the next step forward.

 TS1lives? Or life? TS2cut TS3cut TS4and the diverse TS5You need a whole paragraph on Law A level. What topics you have enjoyed, why and what skills you have developed. TS6What do you mean here? TS7Is this terminology from English? If it is, fine. If it is not, I don’t understand what you mean here.

 TS8Please do 1 whole para each on each of your A2 subjects: what topics you have enjoyed, why and what skills you developed.  TS9? Do you mean maternity ward?