Last blood on the front door. These 6 murders

 Last but not least, the Manson Family Murders.These series of home invasions and murders are inspired by the Beatles andintroducing a new “race war” pitting African Americans against whites calledthe “Helter Skelter”.         Charles Manson, born November 12, 1934,was a long time criminal and cult leader. His cult/group, the Manson Family,are responsible for nine murders in four locations throughout the months ofJuly and August of 1969.          First, the Bernard Crowe Murder.

Bernard “Lotsapoppa” Crowe was a drug dealer in Hollywood. Manson told CharlesWatson, a member of the Manson Family, to get money for the cult so they couldprepare themselves for the supposed “Helter Skelter”. Watson cheated Crowe outof his money so in return, Crowe threaten to wipe out the whole Manson familystationed at Spahn Ranch.

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So, Manson being Manson, waltzed into Crowe’s Hollywoodapartment and shot him dead.         Next, the Gary Hinman Murder. July 25,1969, Manson sent members of the cult, Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, andSusan Atkins, to an acquaintances house, Gary Hinman.

Manson believed that Garyhad inherited a lump sum of money, so he wanted to persuade him to turn it over.The members held Hinman hostage for 2 days. During that time period, Mansonshowed up with a sword and slashed Hinman’s ear. After the 2 day time period, Beausoleilstabbed Hinman to death after Manson instructed him to. One of the members usedthe blood of the victim to draw a Panther Paw, black panther symbol, thinkingthe symbol would add more gasoline to the starting fire of the supposed “HelterSkelter”.        Nowthe most famous murders of them all, the murders of Sharon Tate and others. OnAugust 8, 1969, Manson ordered Watson, Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkelto go to Terry Melcher’s old house and execute everyone there. Steven Parent,Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Sharon Tate and fetus wereall viciously executed in Melcher’s old home.

Atkins adding even more fuelwrote “pig” in the victim’s blood on the front door. These 6 murders helped theManson family get national attention. On the next day, four family members fromlast night’s killing and Leslie Van Houten and Steve Grogan, accompanied Mansonout to 3301 Waverly Drive. Manson was unhappy with the performance and panic ofthe previous tasks so he was going to “show them how to do it right”. This homehoused Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.  Oncethey arrived, Manson reportedly disappeared up the driveway and then emergedonce again to tell the members that he has tied up Leno and Rosemary. Mansonthen took Watson to the house and pointed to a sleeping man through the window,Leno LaBianca. Manson had lied so that way they could know how to properly tieup someone, yet he tied up Leno with a leather thong.

Gross. Once both of theLaBianca’s were tied up they covered the couples head with pillowcases and tiedit with a lamp cord. Then, Manson sent Krenwinkel and Van Houten into the housewith certain instructions on how to kill the LaBiancas. Then they removedRosemary from the kitchen to the bedroom and Watson began stabbing Leno with a bayonet12 times. A sound of a scuffle drew Watson’s attention and caused him todiscover that Rosemary kept the Manson women at bay, by swinging the lamp stillattached to her neck. He ended up stabbing Rosemary with the bayonet and carved”WAR” on Leno’s abdomen.

What makes this crime even more horrifying is thatRosemary was stabbed over 40 times. Manson gave instructions on making surethat all of the female members joining him that night each had a part in thekillings. Evidence brought up in court shows that 41 of the stab woundsinflicted on Rosemary were after she had died. Watson cleaned off the weaponsand even showered in their own tub. While that was happening, Krenwrinkel wrote”Helter Skelter” on the fridge and stabbed Leno another 14 times post-mortemwith a carving fork and left a steak knife in his throat.