Kudzu ¨invading¨ South America which has caused very serious

Kudzu also known as Japanese arrowroot is a batch of plants that grows in Asia, Southeast Asia, and some Pacific islands. Kudzu also come from the Japanese word for the plant. Once Kudzu is established in its habitat it tends to grow at a steady pace. Which would be considered linear. Linear is a steady growth that can represent how quickly a group of  something increases. Unlike exponential growth where a group of something is increasing drastically.  Kudzu was introduced to U.S. in 1876 by Japan. Kudzu has been ¨invading¨ South America which has caused very serious environmental consequences. United States Forest Service has stated that Kudzu grows about 2,500 acres a year. Which means in a decade it has grown about 25,000 acres. Wow! Another fun/boring fact Kudzu is known for smothering other plant species. Kudzu has thrived plenty since its beginning. Kudzu began in a nursery where over seventy million seeds were grown! Boy did they grow. In order to decrease the amount of Kudzu their are herbicides to kill the plant. The most effective herbicides are Picloram and Tebuthiuron. The only downside to using the chemicals are that they cost a pretty penny. Another way to rid this plant is to cut the vine. This way is known to be more effective than the herbicides, but its more time efficient. Another way to control the Kudzu is to use animals like goats and sheep. They can eat an acre a day. People have suggested human-animal grazing. Okay. We talked about all the downsides to Kudzu. What about the benefits? So, the root to the plant, flowers, and leaves are used to make medicine. Which can treat alcoholism, and all the symptoms of alcohol. The medicine has been used by China since 200 BC. Kudzu is considered a health supplement, because it contains quercetin, genistein, daidzin, and ect. The only benefits are health benefits. So Kudzu is more on the negative side other than the positive side. Kudzu is a greenish brown climbing vine that sneaks up buildings, trees, and sometimes it?  layered on the ground. It kinda reminds me of poison ivy. Nothing like poison ivy, Kudzu is actually in the pea family. Kudzu is a plant that is excessively over-populated, can be decreased by animals,herbicides, and a weed eater, and its only benefit is its roots can help cure side-effects of alcohol.