Knowledge one is important because you are able to

Knowledge is known as “having answers”,
you can have knowledge when you are familiar and have an understanding of
facts, information, or skills, which are learned by self-experience or
learning. Critical thinking is the analysis of facts and information, in order
to form a judgment. Critical thinking is known as having cognitive skills,
being goal directed, being able to solve complex problems, and make decisions.

In relation to knowledge and critical thinking, knowledge can be known as
having the answers, while critical thinking can be identified as having those
answers and knowing and understanding what they mean.

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Halpern’s Four Part Model is composed of
four parts; the first one being to develop disposition for effortful thinking
and learning, which basically means that you want to think critically, someone
may have critical thinking skills and not even use them. The second part is
learning the skills of critical thinking, people should be able to be taught
and be able to use these skills, and if they do this they will become better
critical thinkers. The third part is direct learning activities for trans
contextual transfer, which means you need to look deeper into the situation,
and be able to understand that there is not only one solution to a problem. The
fourth part is to develop metacognition, this one is important because you are
able to give off an automatic response to things you are critically analyzing, thinking
about, or information you already know.

Critical thinking is not a byproduct of
good education; someone may be born with great critical thinking skills, but
they may not know how to use and apply them appropriately. Being able to
critically think or analyze things is something that is usually taught or
learned and acquired from specifically being taught about critical thinking,
which is why there is an entire course on it, to teach us to become more
engaging critical thinkers. One are of research is transfer of training, where
we try to open our minds to different ways of doing something. Self-regulation,
having an understanding of our feedback and being able to assess it is critical
in progress towards a goal of ours. System 2 thinking is another area of
research, this type of thinking it thought to be slow and effortful. Imagery is
another way to improve our thinking skills, thinking of a picture in our minds
while trying to remember something is essential to improve our thinking.