Keywords a lot to the appearance of the room

Keywords – Table Lamps for Bedroom

A modern home decor requires latest technology of lighting system to get the desirable ambiance and enhanced look. Different sort of lights are available to make your home filled with pleasant and elegant atmosphere. Lamps, bulbs and other lighting tools create a feel in the room or home that distinguishes them with others. The lighting appliances of home contributes a lot to the appearance of the room such as chandelier, study lamp, flood light outdoor lamp, table lamp for bedroom and many more. However, apart from looks, the salient features of these lights should also be contemplated before going for purchase. 

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How to choose the best lighting for different rooms in home

Lights do not just bring energy, but also makes you feel productive, relaxed, and happy. Different lighting serves certain purpose, and for your home, you definitely want to opt for the best and right type, as per the requirement and purpose of your room. Before optimizing the light for your home, always consider how you are using the rooms of your house.

a)      Review the function of every room in your home

·         Living Room: You can have an ambient light to focus on a piece of art or any object with an accent light in some corner of the room to make the room fill with brightness throughout.

Kitchen: An ambient light overhead can add to task lighting for illuminating the space, where generally you work. Also, you can choose the sink as well to add task lighting.
Bedroom: It can be a good way to angle the ambient light from bed to dressing area. In addition to this, task lighting can also be installed on nightstands for bringing better visibility.
Bathroom: This can be tricky. If you desire to light up the mirror portion, you can go with task lighting. But, an overhead ambient light is highly recommended to fully illuminate the room.


b)     Choose the lighting technology

·         Halogen: Known for emitting bright and white light, similar to natural daylight. It can be used in a wide area to bright up the complete space like living room, hall, etc.

·         CFLs: It is popularly known to emit a cooler tone of light. Available in range of brightness levels and temperatures that makes it perfect for bathrooms, balcony, terrace etc.

·         LEDs:  Efficient as CFLs, but it lasts three times longer than them. Mostly used as task lighting due to its directional and soft lighting nature, therefore can be placed in table lamps for bedroom, task light in kitchen etc.


c)      Select the fixtures

·         Chandeliers: These are considered the best for general or ambient lighting. Getting them installed in dining room or bedrooms can make the best out of them.

Ceiling Mounts Fixtures: They are generally recommended with ambient lighting and ideal for entry foyers, hallways, bedrooms, task areas, stairways, etc.
Table lamps: Table lamps for bedroom and living rooms can be used as accent lighting and to add liveliness and comfort to the room.
Wall-mounted fixtures: Generally used in any room for ambient, task, or accent lighting, depending on what kind of bulb you use or where you put them.