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Just think for a moment how your life could have been jerasticly changed by a jeopardy and the huge effect it could have on your mentality. “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson starting, Bill the husband, Tessie the wife, Mr.summers the helper, Mr.grans the jeopardy starter. Is a story about a draft that mainly just runs in that town now. No other town has this, they realized it was wrong and had to change it. This little town was one of the last ones doing it. Tessie husband, Bill, gets chosen as the “sacrifice” and Tessie gets mad. She tries to make everyone draw again but the only why that could happen is if they just the family draws. And so they redraw and Tessie gets chosen the second time. Hoping every changes their mind they don’t. In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the biographical theory helps the reader come to conclusion that Shirley Jackson could have had a child trauma from her childhood. How dark her stories are she just wants pay back for everything they have done to her. This conclusion is significant because her mother did the bullying to her when she was little, her father was never home to protect her or do anything, basically a bystander, her crazy thoughts have had to have a huge impact in her life.To start with her parents were the main reason why she thoughts the way she did. All dark, creepy, and a women always died in her stories. Zoë Heller, in her article she explained why her mind was always heated with bad stuff about both of her parents up until she died. “A stone hit her on the side if the head.” Again she explains every mostly all the reasons why Shirley Jackson was the way she was throughout her lifetime. Shirley Jackson. In “The Lottery”, Tessie gets picked at the end of the story, because of her selfish ways that caused her whole family to draw and she ended up getting picked.”Tessie hutchinson was in the center of a cleared space by now, and she held her hands out desperately as the villagers moved in on her.” Tessie is getting pummeled by the the town’s folks with rocks. That show that she could have killed her mother like that. She thought about it all the time but was never able to do anything. This problems taught us about her psychological reasonings going on in her head. After writing and writing stories like this but it’s seems very very odd on how she does write her stories. However, that wasn’t the only way she has thought of revenge. Or killing her parents for the suffering and the huge effects of her life that they have giving her. Mr. Gram let’s them draw again. And this time it’s only the family draft with no body else included just the family.”‘Its tessie’, mr. Summers said, and his voice was hushed. ‘show us her paper. Bill” Shirley Jackson during her process of writing this story, probably changed the future or destiny within the story. She probably was thinking about her mother and got angry or triggered. So she brought the whole arguing that she wanted the town’s folks to draw again but it was just her family and she didn’t want anything to happen to her mother and Bam. She gets chosen and pummeled with rocks.”‘I think we ought to start over’ mrs. Hutchinson said, as quietly as she could.” This point she probably changed his fait on purpose, to her mother because her father was never there and she probably thought she needed to leave her father there for those kids to know what a father was because she never had one. The torture that she wish upon her mother has a lot to do with the deaths of the main characters in this story. Yes.Finally, her father, he was never there to help her out or protect her from her mother. Shirleys dad was never there to help out throughout her life, he probably was a drunky that beat her but we don’t know that. Shirley Jackson, the narrator is turning out that her husband and children were stuck alone. That’s means that there mother was not as good of a mother either because when she gets chosen none of them budge they just let the town folks pumele her with rocks to her death.”‘it isn’t fair, it isn’t right,” mrs. Hutchinson screamed,” At the end of “The Lottery”, coming up with a assumption, nobody cared that they had killed her. The kids probably didn’t know right from wrong but at the same time it is Shirley Jackson getting revenge on her mother and leaving her father mainly unknown due to the fact that he was never there for her when she really needed him in her life to help her get through things. Shirley Jackson probably had love her father for not doing anything to her. But she hated him to for not being there when she needed him at this point of her life when her mom would bully her.The argument that’s been going on, is that her parents have been super bad influence that she had been affected superbad. That could have caused her to maybe commit suicide but nope, all she did is want revenge for what she has gone through and what she’s going through to get her through life. Parents like hers, shouldn’t be able to have kids, maybe her dad but her mom was a evil, instead of stopping the bullying she caused it to become even worse for Shirley Jackson and all she wanted was revenge. But school and outside of her home she must have gotten bullied because her stories are dark and a little scary. This text is important because parents have a huge influence on there kids and she could turn out to be just like her mother and/or her father and be absent with her kids. But we didn’t get to see how she turned out to be accepted for her dark and horrific stories she has written and the gruesome death that have appeared in them. The worst part is that she added kids to this story and made them even worse, the kids had a part like in “The Lottery”, they killed Tessie with rocks and the kids just started.