JFK Marine and marxist that was married to Marina

JFK AssassinationParker CampbellGovernment ClassShelby Feidler December 4, 2017Have you ever wondered about some of the conspiracy theories against the assassination of the 1960’s president John Fitzgerald Kennedy? It has been the age old question, was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunman or was there others involved with the assassination? With JFK beingone of the most-loved and heroic Presidents in American History, this shocked the United States As all of you know that there is many different conspiracies that go along with the JFK assassination and in this paper I will be discussing, was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone assassin. Along with these I will also touch on the release of the classified documents that the National Archives have been holding and is planning to release this year. John Fitzgerald was a man that put his family before anything else and that could be why he was one of the United States most iconic Presidents we have ever had. JFK was born in 1917 to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Rose Kennedy. His parents pushed him very hard by putting him into a private school and then to Harvard.  Joseph Kennedy was highly involved in the government as the American Ambassador. JFK came from a wealthy middle class family and was one of the first Roman Catholic Presidents to ever hold office. He was elected office in 1960 and was assassinated in 1962 in a motorcade in downtown Dallas Texas. His Vice president was Lyndon B Johnson at the time and there is many conspiracy theories behind him wanting JFK gone so he could be the President.   Lee Harvey Oswald was a former American Marine and marxist that was married to Marina Oswald Porter. Oswald was born October 18, 1939 in New Orleans and his parents where Marguerite Frances Claverie and Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr. Oswald was a very violent loose cannon as some of the people described him. When he was a child he would chase his brothers around with a knife and tie them up and leave them for long periods of time. Oswald had spent an excessive amount of time in Russia and tried to renounce his American Citizenship. He also was a very socially awkward person around people. The CIA and FBI have connections showing that he took several trips to Russia and Mexico. This leads some of the conspiracies on that he was meeting with people that helped either organize or assist him in the assassination of the President. They also have records of him talking to a KGB officer in Russia. They also think that their are many connections along with warnings that go along with the assassination. In correlation with an hour before the shooting there was a phone call from a KGB officer that said “ready to watch the fireworks”. This is used to hint at the assassination had many others involved with the CIA and maybe Russian office holders. After all of Oswalds suspicious activity he had been under active watch by the FBI. The day of the shooting FBI did not let the CIA know about Oswald. This is also very shocking due to Oswald working in the Texas School Book Depository along the route of the motorcade. One of the conspiracies that I will be discussing is the more than one shooter theory. Did Oswald even fire a shot? There have been several private groups that have been investigating this theory for many years. Oswald was the assumed shooter from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository. After the shots rang out Oswald got out of the building and made it to a train and escaped law enforcement for a little while. He was later apprehended by police at his home residence.  Oswald had worked in the Book Depository and when he left the building a police officer saw him and didn’t think anything of it because he worked there and let him pass. There is a group of investigators that have spent countless hours checking trajectory of the shots and if the shots were actually possible from the location of Oswald. Some say that the last shot came from in front of the car because the Presidents head moves backwards as he is hit. They have created a map of any possible locations and tested them. The triple underpass is a suggestion of where the shooter could have been staged. This was researched by a group called The Matrix Ends Here, a group of professional marksmen and bullet specialists that have been researching this theory. They set up on top of the overpass and their findings were that the shooter at this location could not be a possible location. This is due to several factors including the bullet would have to go through the windshield of the Presidential Limousine and there was no bullet hole in the windshield. There for the theory of a shooter being on the overpass is a bust. Another theory is that the Grassy Knoll has a shooter that was hiding in the bushes. This theory is the Badge Man, he is called this because the soposid muzzle flash  blocks out his identity and all you can see is his uniform of an officer. This leaves it open to an imposter as an officer to be on the grassy knoll. Or it opens up a whole new conspiracy of the Dallas Police Department killing JFK. This unknown person is seen above the picket fence on top of the knoll. This makes me think that this could be a second shooter. Otherwise why would anyone try to gain so much elevation and go through the extra work to climb up there. The only reason i can think of is he is trying to get a better view of the president and a better shot. Also after he shot he could quickly drop over the other side of the fence and get away with no other sightings of. If you look at a layout of a map he could have jumped over the fence and got into a car in the parking lot without anyone noticing. Also this photo is very blurry and hard to make out due to the old cameras and the only picture was from a great distance away. The photo above is a re-colored photo zoomed in on the position of the Badged Man. The route that the motorcade took was very unusual having many turns and over 20,000 windows overlooking the route. A motorcade is route is usually planned with many escape routes and avoiding places for a sniper to hide. Also they keep the vehicle at a brisk pace and dont stop for anything, this route with all the turns caused the vehicle to slow down at all the sharp corners.  Winston G. Lawson worked for the CIA and he is the official who chose the route that the president would follow. He had made several revisions to his plan due to place of possible threats of shooters or places for the President to get trapped. Also to counteract the argument is that the person standing over the fence could be holding a glass bottle and the reflection looks like a muzzle flash therefore obstructed the view of the Badge Mans face. Also there are accounts of a fourth shot fired from a grassy knoll after the three thought to be fired from Oswald. There was a motorcycle on patrol in the motorcade that has radio keyed up and recording during the shots. All of the motorcycle guards in the motorcade where using a style of radio the is recording all the time so that they don’t have to stop and push the key, they just have to talk and the earpiece picks up everything Researchers have gone back through the recording and all you can clearly make out is the engine of the motorcycle and after the shots the police officers saying the “hold the perimeter secure”. The researches have thought that this could be a key to cracking the JFK assassination with the different killers. I also think if they can get any resemblance of a shot in the recording and have and idea of where the motorcycle was they could use acoustic location of the shot and some math to locate which direction the shots were fired from and if all of them were fired from the same spot. Oswald was on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository and he was using a Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5×52 Rifle. This rifle bullet pictured to the right  is known for it long cylindrical shape and a very round tip. The long cylindrical shape of the projectile makes it very stable on long distance shots. Oswald also had practiced a lot with the rifle according to his wife. The National Archives have performed manny tests on the gun, casings and bullets. One of the tests they did was taking the bullets and using tests to show what bullet came from what casing. This was a public test until they got done and now the Archives keeps this a secret. My guess is that either one or all of the bullets don’t match up with the casings and they wanted to keep the conspiracy theory alive. The gun below was used in the assassination of the United States President JFK. The National Archives holds the gun and all of the other evidence behind the JFK assassination. The Zapruder film has been named one of the most reviewed films in the world. Abraham Zapruder was a dressmaker in Dealey Plaza where the assassination took place. He just got one of the first video cameras that was an 8mm film real. The camera took 18.3 frames/second wich was extremely fast for the time. The film Abraham recorded is the most reviewed film not only because it was the only one of the full assassination but it was better quality than many other films. Also Zapruder was located at the top of the grassy knoll ans on the same side as the head wound occurred on the president. There was another film from the other side but it was very poor quality and stopped recording after the first shot. It was amazing that Zapruder finished filming the rest of the shots and until the president was out of sight when the motorcade sped off. Abraham Zapruder had Vertigo and had a hard time standing still and staying steady. In his interview he explained how he had to find a steady rest for him to either sit or lean against something. He found a tree to prop himself against while he filmed the president in his motorcade passing by. He waited a week to release his film to the local police department. After a few years he filed a lawsuit because he wanted his film back. They basically just blew Zapruder off and 36 years later he got a check for 16 million and that was only half of what the family wanted. The Texas Governor John Connally was also shot in the assassination of the president JFK. He was supposedly hit by the second shot from Oswald. Whis shot was called the Magic Bullet theory. This bullet went through JFK neck and into Connally in his left back rib cage. Then the bullet traveled through him and out below his nipple and then shattering his wrist and then on to the floor of the limo. They call this shot magic because the turns it took are very unusual as shown in the image. The red line is the line that the bullet took. “There is to my knowledge, and Nellie’s too, that  one bullet caused the presidents first wound, and that an entirely shot struck me” said John Connally to the Warren Commission for his testimony. This also shows that there could have been more than one shooter because the magic bullet theory is very far fetched to my eyes. Also they found a bullet stuck in the seat in front of JFK with the same trajectory at the one that struck him through the throat. James T. Tag was a spectator at the time of the shooting and he was across the center grassy field and on the other side of Main Street. He claims that a stray bullet from the second shot bounced off the street in front of him and hit him in the cheek. The investigation found a divet in the pavement in front of him and inspected the wound on his cheek of the fragment of the bullet. This being the second shot makes it very controversial  because the first shot of Oswalds missed and hit the curb on the Elm Street, the same street JFK was assassinated on. The second shot was the one that hit JFK in the throat and then Connally of the magic bullet theory is true.  Or their were more than one shooter involved and it became a guessing game of who shot what. Therefore if there were more shooter the shots would have had to been all very closely fired.  With James saying he was hit by the second shot that could mean that a second shooter shot from a different angle and missed. The divet in the asphalt infront of James was that the same gun. Oswald only shot 3 times and he left only 3 casings from where he supposedly shot from. This is important because Oswald’s first shot was the one that supposedly missed not his second. Oswald’s second shot is the shot that the magic bullet happen on that went through JFK throat and int Connally. Therefore there has to be a second shooter involved. Bring me back to my grassy knoll shooter conspiracy the trajectory of a bullet from the location of the badge man lines up with the location of the stray bullet hitting James. In the 1970 a new acoustic technology was used to trace the locations of the bullets and some shocking things where found.  The Acoustic specialist show 6 places that have the same echo patterns of gunshots. All of the recording they analyzed are from the Dallas Police Department radios the same one I talked about earlier. The spikes or the echos found in the acoustic are closer together than the human can decipher.  Later they use the same technology that out military use today called the Anti-Sniper. This device locates where the gunshot was fired from with a series of microphones. A group of people went to Dealey Plaza and fired test shots from the Texas School Book Depository and found 5 of the shots match Oswalds location and one from the grassy knoll. A Lot of Controversy has arisen from this report due to the casings of Oswald only leaving 3. Or the witnesses only hearing 3 shots and the shot from the grassy knoll. NASA and some of the best sonar technology used their findings. They conclude that there are 6 shots herd from the Dallas Police recording and indeed one of them is from the grassy knoll. They set up a special committee to prove this wrong. They did due to the open channel picked up all sorts of other sounds and the gunshots were confirmed but at different locations. They found another recording of another channel that the CIA used and they put times on all the shots and then confirmed that there were only 3 shots. The Acoustical Experts mis calculated the speed of the motorcade and the times where not synced up. Therefore proving the acoustic research all wrong and only 3 shots were fired.  The only flaw I saw in this is that they said that one of the shots was much more prominent  than the rest and that the location does not match up with Oswalds location. Later that month one of the leaders of the research  Sam Ginacana was found dead in his home. This put an end to all his acoustic research done by this group.  Thesis: Manny Americans have been led to think that Lee Harvey Oswald was alone in staging the Assassination of the American President JFK. Some conspire that there was a second shooter involved  in order to make the sequence of shots fired. Will the newly Released information arise some new questions and proof?