Jeffrey can see this throughout the story as when

Jeffrey SuEmersonLanguage Arts 619 September 17The Cat in the Hat “I Know it is wet and the sun is not sunny. But we can have lots of good fun that is funny,” (Seuss 7) says the Cat in the Hat from the book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. Happiness is not something that anyone can just force and have. People must learn to embrace the joy and work to be happy but you must always find a way to find the light in the darkness and not accept dark things that happen but learn and grow from them. The Cat in the Hat is an inspiring story about 2 kids who do not think they can have fun at home on a rainy day but soon, their opinion will change when an entirely new animal walks in. By the end though, the Cat may have a different purpose that nobody expected. Dr. Seuss exhibits his knowledge of the difference in happiness between the Cat and the kids through the differences and similarities of them, the symbolism of the games, the characters views, and the purpose of what the Cat is doing. Throughout this story it will show how and why the cat came to the house and what his purpose is, and the symbolism between the cat and kids. Now, as you will read along, you will realize that true happiness is not strained, but is natural. Cat V.S Kids Many people have different view of what is happiness, but if you only respect your own view, it will never come true.You can see this throughout the story as when the cat plays his games with the kids the kids are definitely not intrigued or happy with the cat and his games.  As the story begins we can clearly see the rejection of the kids with the story stating, “put me down! Said the fish. This is no fun at all! Put me down! Said the fish. I do not wish to fall!” (Seuss #) The cat is having fun messing everything around but the kids do not feel that way but maybe if the kids knew that they’re mom wouldn’t get mad then they might have found it fun. Also, the cat thinks that something is fun but other people do not because not everybody is like him. This is shown as the book states,” I do not like the way that they play! If mother could see this , oh what would she say!” (Seuss #) They were definitely not happy because they had to go and catch Thing 1 and 2 and force the cat out. People need to respect other people’s views because not everyone is similar to them and everyone has a different point of view about what they like or want and you can clearly see this through the cat’s views of fun.Tricky Games Games are a unique way to have fun but sometimes things will get out of hand, because of someone’s personal needings take over. The cat literally walked into the kid’s house and they tried to “cheer them up/have fun indoors” but maybe the cat was doing something different than playing games with them. With the first game, the cat was balancing many items on his body and trying to show the kids a fun game but if you want the kids to have fun then shouldn’t they at at least be playing the game? You can see this also with the second game. In the second game the cat had thing 1 and 2 run around with kites making a mess. Maybe in the games, the cat could have tried to make it seem like the kids were just playing games with thing 1 and 2 but instead they were stealing things as they ran around. This could be the real reason for why the cat wanted to play the “games.” The reason he did that is to make sure nobody finds out that he was there or maybe to clean up a mistake that he made.  During the games, the cat was supposedly trying to help the kids have fun but he ends up only having fun himself. Anybody should be able to have fun and play around but sometimes people take that fun too far to the point where it makes or breaks the entire game.Selfishly Selfish Being selfish is an exquisite way to get people to not only dislike one but it makes them not want to be with a single person . The cat clearly has this problem as throughout the entire story he is only making himself happy but not his peers or in his case the kids. ” I know some good games we could play, said the cat. I know some new tricks, said the cat in the hat.” (Seuss #) He acts like he is there to improve their experience but soon enough, he is the only one being amused while the others are not. With the second game, the cat pulls out two animals called Thing 1 and Thing 2 and then they start making a mess around the house. The two things start having loads of fun running around the house without a care but that is definitely not fun for the kids because they have realized that they will have to clean the mess up and they aren’t even having fun with two things because they aren’t even part of the game. The cat may be trying to show the kids how to have fun his way but they definitely do not like it. Selfishness is a quality that many people do not have but for the people who do, you have to be careful because you may think they’re trying to help but they might be trying to just help them self.Hiding the PurposeMany people act like they’re trying to help one but in reality they have their own meaning. The cat could be trying to clean up his mess so there is no evidence of him stealing or burglarizing their house. The cat came to the house to show the kids how to have fun while it is rainy but as he showed them he broke many rules and destroyed many things yet he cleaned everything up in the end. If the cat really wanted to show the kids how to have fun while indoors and it’s rainy he definitely did it the wrong way. Later in the first game, he drops everything he was carrying including a living fish. The author could’ve been portraying that not everyone is helpful and always have their own personal meaning behind. After the kids told him to stop and captured the animals he knew he had to leave but them he after he put all of his stuff back, he came back and cleaned everything up just in time before the kids parents came home. If the cat really didn’t care then he wouldn’t clean up at all. The purpose of the cat was not to just show them how to have fun on a rainy day but too freely have fun and to break rules sometimes but to always make sure everything was how it was before you came. Having reckless fun and breaking rules is good if you do it with moderation but you must always put everything back how it was and clean up your mess.The Cat in the HatBeing happy for many people is very hard to do. Even if it’s a bad day or you aren’t feeling well, you must always find the light in the darkness and make good of all that is bad. Throughout the story The Cat in the Hat, finding true happiness is shown through symbolism, differences and similarities, the point of view, and the real purpose of what they are doing. Being happy and joyful does not come from just having fun, you must work towards your goal so you can embrace the joy and you must find the good when there seems to be none. Being happy is something that everyone can achieve but many don’t because they don’t try to be positive and find the good in any situation.