I’ve from each other. However, I believe that I

I’ve always found it
strange that when we wish a person luck, we tell them to break a leg. But I can
honestly tell you that there is no luck in breaking a leg, just a shot of
pethidine and a trip to the Pietermaritzburg Medi-Clinic.

When we watch a football
match, the players on the pitch tend to go down just a tiny bit softly. Which
in turn gives the impression that there are no real injuries in the game. I’m
sure you have heard the saying, “soccer players pretend to be hurt, rugby players
pretend they are not”. Fortunately, I have been able to disprove that theory
not once, but twice. Some would say I’m just bad at playing, especially
considering these injuries occurred a month apart from each other. However, I
believe that I was blatantly fouled on both occasions.

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In my first year at
Michaelhouse, I managed to play one rugby match for the under 14C’s. the sport
you would associate broken bones with. But it was on the second last day of the
1st term holidays. I was playing under 16s for my local club. And
although our opposition didn’t pitch up to the game, we decided to play amongst
ourselves anyway. After a terrible slide tackle on me, and a trip to the
hospital it was confirmed that I had fractured my wrist. A disappointing way to
end my first rugby season.

A month had past and I
was back home for half term, my cast was removed and my doctor told me not to
play contact sports for at least a month. But soccer isn’t a contact sport,
surely? Needless to say, all but four days later I decided to play some quad
soccer. It was a complete blur, I remember being surrounded by people with a
look of horror on their face at the sight of my leg. Screaming for the car to
come pick me up. And then I remember the hospital.

My exams suffered because
of the drugs I was on, as well as the hospital check-ups I had to go to. And
looking back on this moment, I realise how it has affected me to this day in
terms of what sets I was streamed into because of my dip in marks

I had two epiphanies that
term. Football is not a soft sport. It takes a true man to play such a gruesome
game. And I learned that doctors actually do know what they are talking about.
Even though the two injuries were not truly related, if I had listened to him I
most certainly would have made a much speedier recovery.

The knowledge I acquired
from my experience has definitely changed the way I view injuries in soccer.
And I can thankfully say that I haven’t broken a bone since.