ITunes as soon as you click on your desired



showcases all of its products on the home page putting them all in to their own
sections with their own drop downs. This makes it easy for customers to find
all the products they need easily and quickly. All the products currently
available are shown on screen as soon as you click on your desired

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The products that
ITunes have on offer is lots of music and films. They have 40 million songs
with zero advertisements. And if you download them you can listen to them
offline. They also provide 100,000 films and TV programmes to choose. They also
provide a variety of podcasts for customers. Including radio stations with new
stations coming out regularly.



also offer a physical product as well as a service which is a voucher for their
service. Which is where you buy virtual money in store and it would have a code
on the back which you would need to redeem by typing the code in online or via
the app. You could also give these as gift vouchers for friends and family.
This would allow people to give them as a gift boosting sales.

Social media

have created their own social media called ‘ping’ which was a soft wear based.
It was also a music orientated but was closed down on September 30th
2012 to be replaced with Facebook and Twitter integration on ITunes. This
service allowed users to follow artists and see short timely posts by them or
any of their friends who they follow on there as well. Ping was available for
the IPhone and IPod Touch.

Ping was set up on September 1st 2010 as part of
the 1tenth major release for ITunes. The service launched with 1,000,000 users
in 23 different countries around the world. You could also create personal
events with your friends or find out major city events from this service.

Customer service online

Apple offer a very good online customers service including
online live chat lines, email, telephone etc.

Apples have set times and days for customers to call in with
any questions or problems and these can be easily found on the website. These
are 0800 048 0408. Lines are open Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00 and Saturday-Sunday

Apple also offer community support so people who don’t even
work at apple can help you if they have had similar problems to you then they
may be able to tell you how to fix it.

Apple also offer live chats if you have an argent problem
with one of your products and need some instant help.




ITunes has an app where it is automatically installed on
apple devices as it is one of the mainstream apps for apple where they can
generate a lot of revenue from. This app contains music, films, radio stations
and podcasts you can download from this app. You can also buy music so that you
can listen to it offline weather you have signal or not. ITunes also do deals
on this app where you can pay a monthly contract so that you can download as
much music as you want as long as you’re paying for it. People can also use
iTunes Connect to check the latest trends from their iPhone, iPad, and iPod
touch and any other apple products.