It’s School of Public Health). A healthy diet not

It’s a known
fact that our diet affects our health the most, but it seems that most people
forget that having a healthy diet prevents all disease and health problems (Harvard
T.H. Chan School of Public Health). A healthy diet not only will help you
maintain a balanced weight; it will also improve your mindset, having a healthy
diet will regulate your immune system and mental health as it gives you energy
and prevents all disease.

                A healthy diet, according to the
Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid, means eating all types of healthy foods and
nutrients. From the wider part of the pyramid to the narrow top, people have to
eat whole grain food, vegetables, meat, eggs and various kind of carbohydrates.
It shows us that people have to eat less from the top group which includes red
meat, butter and carbohydrate. Eating a healthy diet improves our immune
system; with a strong immune system, all diseases can be prevented, and we
wouldn’t have to rely on medical supplements nor medical pills.

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                “Healthy diets and physical
activity are key to good nutrition and necessary for a long and healthy life”
(WHO Technical Report Series, No. 916). Recent research shows that healthy
foods and nutrient intake – and also physical activity – can prevent obesity,
diabetes, cardiovascular disease, several forms of cancer, osteoporosis and
dental disease. Obesity is the biggest health problem of our century, yet it
can easily be prevented with a healthy diet habit. Unhealthy foods and
non-nutritious foods and processed foods cause overweight and obesity. Unless
you want a surgical operation – which will harm your body in the long run –
healthy eating is the best option to defeat obesity and such diseases.

Obesity may
cause chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even
death. Eating healthy foods and nutrient dense foods with a balanced energy intake
alongside the necessary physical activity to maintain a healthy weight is essential
at all stages of life. One should always give the importance that a healthy
diet has so that he or she can live his or her life with ease: away from
diseases and disorders.

unhealthy diet can lead to obesity which is a risk factor for certain type of cancers,
heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and lots of other diseases and disorders. It’s
better to have a healthy life with a healthy diet than relying on medical surgery
or pills. The good news is that healthy diet not only will help you get in a
better shape, both phyisicall and mentally, it will also prevent you from
almost all diseases without the need for outside supplements.