It to drive a bike. So fall – to

It usually takes two to learn to ride a bike – one will teach and one will learn. But learning to ride a bike alone is not impossible.

I learned myself alone. A friend has left the country for study; The common transport of his city can not cycle and ride bicycles. Out of the reach of students, other transport costs are out of reach. To write a few tips to teach him to ride a bike alone, I feel like writing, many can be useful, specially girls. Because girls often fill the UniGi to learn to drive cycling to boys. And in our country, especially in Dhaka, cycling so little girls is not easy to find that finding a girl trainee.When learning to ride a bike, you have to balance the body and mind with the bicycle.

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Here I will keep the mental side ahead.(1) Psychic aspects – Avoid fear, be patient and be self-confident————————————————– ——————–Without knowing how to eat, without hands and feet, nobody has learned how to drive a bike. So fall – to overcome this fear from the mind. You will fall while learning to ride a bike.

If you’re afraid to fall further. So leave this fear as much as possible from the mind. Use safety gear such as nee-guard, elbow-guard, helmet and gloves. These will protect you from major injuries. They are available in Bangla in Dhaka at a fair price.Be patient. You will have to do the same thing while learning to ride a bike.

So do not lose patience. Here also comes the matter of self-confidence. Patience is lost, falling down, you feel that you will not get this thing with you. There is no reason to think of it.

Remember, they can ride bikes if they train monkeys and dogs. You are a much better animal than these. And following the procedure that I say here, it will take two days to learn to ride your bike alone. Neither post delete. If you are positive about these three things, learning to ride your bike will be more than half the end.

The rest of the work is liquid watering.(2) Physical aspects – Six important steps———————————————-At this stage we will follow six small steps. There is no reason to fear. These are very simple.

(A) Adjust the height of the bicycle sidel in such a way that the knees are slightly curved when you sit on the ground and sit on it. If there is too much pedal, there will be problems in pedal. If the legs are straight, it will be difficult to balance.(B) Take note of any wheel break in any hand. Usually the front wheels in the right hand and the back wheel are behind the back wheels.

In the initial stage you will only use the rear wheel breaks.(C) Try to move forward in front of Saddle, like a bicycle ride on the bike.Keep the eyes in front of the eyelids. Always use the brakes to stop the bike. Keep your waist straight on the saddle.(D) When the speed of the bike is slightly more than walking on the foot, pull the legs slightly above the soil, so that if you fall down, you can move the legs quickly.

Notice how far you can go by putting your feet on the ground. The more you can go away, the better your balance.(E) When you can not move the foot down to the ground, at least 15-20 hands, push one foot pedal with one foot and lift the speed and take similar practice. If you have the right elephant, place it in the right foot pedal, left hand if left leg. It will be useful to make the balance.

(F) If you are accustomed to this way, then take two padalas and try to paddle slowly.At this stage you will be sure to eat it. Successfully biking four or five times to eat will learn to ride.Alerts and some more suggestions————————————If you do not have too much trouble while learning to ride a bike, it is best not to give gaps.

And after learning the first time there is pain in the body but not hurt. It’s very normal. After two or two days he went away. Learning to ride a bike is just the same as going on the streets of the road and being suicidal is basically the same. Practice at least 10 days less traffic.

Learn about Traffic Law. Learn to sign using hand on the street. Get advice from people who have regular cycling in this regard. If possible, cycle with them. This allows you to learn a lot.

Once fully accustomed, adjust the height of the saddle again with your height. It will help you ride bicycles and get rid of neck, hands, back and waist pain. After learning to drive, use the safety gear. There can not be any discount on this.Invite you to the thrilling world of cycling.