It money than women do in the work place.

It is a known fact
that men make more money than women do in the work place. It is a colossal
problem in the world today considering that women and men who are working the
equivalent job and the consistent hours make a significant difference depending
on gender. Women in 2008 were actually making 77 cents per every dollar that a
men was making, which does not say much considering that in 1963 after the
equal pay act was enacted women were making 60 cents to a mans dollar. It is an
unspoken rule that men need to make more because they are the providers of the
family and the household, however women are looked at as they have a husband or
a dad to take care of them so they do not need to make as much, even though
most of the time this is not true and they are the ones raising a family.
(Jasso & Webster, 1997) (Valenti, 2008) If a woman is in charge and she is
the person in charge she is looked down upon still by both men and women. Women
are looked at as ruthless and bossy where as a man is looked at as ambitious
and commanding. Men are heroes when they leave work early to pick up their
child for a soccer game but if a woman does the same thing she is looked down
upon and said to be lazy and unfocused on her priorities at work.  A survey done by MSNBC showed that women are
not favored by both men and women for boss positions and that they would rather
have a boss who is a man because they think they are more efficient as leaders.
Women who are bosses were called names such as moody, catty, and gossipy.
(Valenti, 2008)

Women are
perceived as humans yes, but are looked at as something that needs protection
from the rest of the world.  Women are
always asked if they need help doing just about anything. Yes it is nice to
have help sometimes but it would be better if there were a bit of equality in
the world. Until recently it has always been thought that women were migrating
here only because of their husbands or family did so, mostly dads moved here to
America. However in recent studies it shows that women do migrate alone and do
help send money to their families back home and make their own choices as to
why they came here in the first place. Women are looked at as temperate
creatures that have no fight in them whatsoever when in reality that is not the
case and they are able to do things on their own such as migrate here to
America. Women actually subsequently have higher numbers of migration than men
do when it comes to leaving their homes and coming here.  (Pedroza, 1991)

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