Is as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more.

Is what a lot of people use in this day in ageto keep in touch with other people, there are sets of internet sites which thengives leaves people being able to contribute and share things a lot faster. The’Social’ aspect in social media has the idea that anyone can reach out to each otherand have similar hobbies and passion, then and the ‘media’ part is the communicationknown as the internet. Talking about the social platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more.

Social media sites isn’t justrelevant and important for people who use it on a daily basis, it is also veryhelpful for businesses too, as it helps to promote the company and share whatthey are doing to get people, interested and more involved. It is media wherereaders can communicate with one other, where they can have a voice and sharetheir opinions and feelings toward something. Megan Knight and Clare cook whoadvertised Social media for Journalists principles and practice ‘These changeshave created a more social way of doing journalism. More people can be heard.More voices can be included’.  (Cook, 2013).

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Journalist who workfor the BBC and any other huge companies, they will have to have social mediaaccounts and websites such as the biggest ones Facebook and Twitter to advertisetheir hard work, but by doing this action they have to be careful and to absolutelydefinite that the things that is being put across for the audience is the factand not a lie among it, especially with videos and images. The rise of