Investment: (1.06 billion), pure olive oil ($644 million), aluminum

Investment: Several Canadian companies have successful
operations in and successful partnerships with Greece. One such example
includes McCain Hellas S.A., a division of its parent company, McCain Ltd.
McCain focuses on frozen, ready to eat foods, including French fries, desserts,
and other popular Western-styled goods. Despite lower sales rates compared to
its other foreign divisions, McCain remains as one of the most successful
overseas companies in the country.


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Top Imports: Crude petroleum($6.91 billion USD worth),
refined petroleum ($2.58 billion), packaged medicaments ($2.58 billion),
passenger & cargo ships ($2.06 billion) and cars ($1.16 billion)

Top Import Partners: Germany, Italy, China, South Korea,

Top Exports: Refined petroleum ($7.25 billion USD
grossed), packaged medicaments (1.06 billion), pure olive oil ($644 million),
aluminum plating ($609 million) and manufactured computers ($578 million)

Top Export Partners: Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey,

Popular Products:

Olive Oil: Arguably the most famous Greek product, olive
oil is made through extracting flavour from pressing olives. Commonly used in
many Greek recipes, it is a national delicacy.

Feta Cheese: this delectable dairy product tops the
well-known traditional Greek Salad. Made with sheep’s milk and exactly 30% goat
milk, feta cheese emits a white hue and gives a salty, strong taste associated
with the Hellenic Republic. It is so significant that the European Commission
recognizes feta as a PDO, a protected designation of origin, meaning that
cheeses produced outside of Greece with a similar taste cannot be classified as
such. In addition, ‘official’ feta cheese cannot be made with another recipe.

Greek Yogurt: A thicker yogurt with fruit sauce underneath
it. Rich in protein and other vitamins, Greek yogurt is now a popular food for
many worldwide. From fermentation and a longer straining process comes this
luxurious, creamy treat.