INTRODUCTION:Entrepreneurship seems to be buzzing for today’s generation. There has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs who are taking risk of starting their own business. Earlier, the mind set of society was that business was a kind of ‘dhandha’ but today people are coming with innovative ideas and inspiring the youth to be more creative and innovative.

• I would also like to share my experience of doing small business in my school days. It was difficult for me to choose my teammates and the most important thing was that what items would be present in our stall so that it would be different from others. The raising money was not that much problem because it was on very much small scale. But the 2 days get over of our business we get to know that our business has earned Rs.5000 as profit. Now I realised how difficult is to be innovative and creative in today’s world were so much competition is there. The new age young entrepreneurs had proved themselves by thinking out of box. In this assignment I would present my strengths and weaknesses as I am capable of being an entrepreneur or not along with the real life examples and by taking the examples of famous young entrepreneurs ie.

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma ( Paytm) , Deepinder Goyal( Zomato and Samar Singla( Jugnoo)  STRENGTHS / WEAKNESS:• STRENGTHS:? WILLINGNESS:At a young age, the willingness to learn is much more and this lead to more opportunities and gain knowledge. Because of my willingness I study hard in school and scored 90% which help me to get admission in Ahmedabad University which gives me opportunity for building my future. The university also helps me to gain knowledge about my interest field and helps me understand how competitive the world is and how to fit in the world were only creative and innovative mind works which lead to success.One of the member of the Facebook group said ” Never be satisfied. Keep on testing every time new on yourselves and the product because the users are always looking for something new and you should know this before your competitors know about it.? WILLING TO TAKE RISKS:Young entrepreneurs can afford to take more risks because they can easily accept failure and learn from the mistakes which help them to further be strong and build future for them. In economic times, Vijay Sharma founder of the Paytm ,”Sharma said that company board thought Paytm is the biggest risk he is taking in his life by building payments business in a country where people are so comfortable using cash. These was just one example many young entrepreneurs take risk they have become successful in their life.

I would share one example which I think was the biggest risk I have taken in my life. In school times as part of my project my group members choose me as a leader. I was very much worry because I have never get this type of opportunity and everyone also has trust that I would be able to manage it very well.

Many things run at that time is it right choice, would I able to maintain trust of everyone, would I able to manage my team properly and prove to be best in my work. But team members coordination and trust leads to success of the project.? CREATIVE:Young youth perceive the world according to their own vision for the future. Young people usually think out of the box as compared to others and can take risk if any problem occur because they don’t follow particular solution for every problem. They have advantage of they fail in one venture as they can go back home to their parents which are support system in their life and try their level best in next venture.

In school days, I was creative in drawing and making models because of this I have won certificates in creative writing and drawing and I am trying that it helps in building my future.Samar Singla, Founder and CEO of Jugnoo said that in technology driven India we should have two golden rules_ be a creative worker in life and if you fail, fail fast and get back on track. Jugnoo was basically the most creative model he has built in his college fest, wherein they only charge 10% commission from the earnings of auto drivers. I would like to be like Mr Singla as creative as he is.WEAKNESS:? TIME MANAGEMENT:My greatest weakness is time management. I am unable to manage my time properly as it is very overloaded with work.

I am not able to follow proper schedule or make schedule of what work should be done on what date or on what time. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to manage time which leads to delay of work. Great businessman or entrepreneurs are having proper time management. They have proper time of waking up, going to office, working with their teams, checking mails, lunch time ,etc.

Because of proper time management they have grab the opportunities and learn from the failure.To overcome my weakness and be like other entrepreneurs, I am trying to maintain proper schedule of what work to and when. Slowly, I am being successful in it as sometimes I am not able to maintain it . I am trying my level best to be successful in it.? LACK OF CONFIDENCE:As a part of any business, it is important that we have confidence and trust in ourselves.

Confidence helps to express our ideas flawlessly and describe us what we think and feel about ourselves. Lack of confidence is due to some of the bad past events or experiences happen with us. Many a times I hesitate in speaking because I think what people will think about me . Young entrepreneurs have confidence in themselves because of which they are trying to inspire other entrepreneurs or youth of our country. They prove to be great leaders due to good communication skills, motivate people and guide them to gain confidence in them.

I am trying to overcome this and become like entrepreneurs. I am attending more debate competition were u would get chance to boost up my confidence (MUN) , class participation, etc.? UNSTRUCTURED:Entrepreneur are willing to take opportunities along with the risk factor at the same time they are very structured and spontaneous in their work. I lack the quality of being structured in my work. I always do my work at end moments which sometimes may lead to success or sometimes failure whether it is assignments or projects.

I am trying by preparing the detailed schedule of work so it will automatically lead in structured manner. Though it will take some time but if I do it on routine basis instantly it will lead to success.CONCULSION:Through this assignment I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of myself and know that if I am able to become an entrepreneur in future or not. I have try to find the solution or how to overcome my weakness so that it doesn’t create problems in my life.

I get to know if I can become high performance entrepreneurs as our young entrepreneur.REFERENCES:ECONOMICS TIMES