Introduction: measure of improvement but day on day on

Introduction:Intoday’s world of fast digitalization advancements there are differentchallenges faced by the Individual to sustain and be the resource in theIndustry. Day by day there are various challenges associated with the individualto work in any organisation.

This research brings forth the different effectsof Appraisal that is experienced by the existing system of Performancemanagement system by the employees working in the organisation and they tend tobe the pillars for the growth of the Industry. In the very ancient period theperformance were measured for the soldiers based on the various tests that theyperform in the practice war field and the kings identify the best talents andaward them on the day on day basis.  Soevery performance is always the measure or the metric that is used as the scaleto identify the talents and skills associated with the particular individual. Everycompetency or skill matrix has been designed to develop the potential talentsof the Individual.

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Every day the Performance has been measured by the Appraisalsystem in the organisation. Various methods were followed by the organisationbased on the theories associate with the system. Appraisal was something givento increase the self confidence that is underlying within the person andmotivate him to the next level. Later there were various problems that resultedas a part of the system. Every company or the organisation has its uniquemeasurement method to identify the weak performers.

Initially it started as ameasure of improvement but day on day on day basis the method was used toeliminate people from the organisation and created an adverse impact on the Employees.The Human resource management system which needs to be in favour of theEmployees started to move more towards the business and since more talents arepresent in the Market, it became easier to attract new job opportunities andhence that it becomes easy for the organisation to remove people from theOrganisation. Therehas been more interpreted learning and even the future job and the career ofthe individual get s widely associated with the market needs. There has alsobeen an employment problem in the country. There are also more graduates for aparticular position or job and hence the competition is growing higher day byday. The employees working in the organisation keep moving from one industry toanother industry rapidly. They do not also want to learn a complete process ofthe business.

Every individual posses unique talents and also have different skills.So their ambitions are also are very different and also they wanted to attain anew position in within a short duration of time.