Introduction it.biological approach assume that every organism in the

IntroductionThe theorem of aggressiveaction have two ways which are biological and study(Koeswara 1988),biologicallyit has background of knowledge surround by the history behind it.biologicalapproach assume that every organism in the earth have the genetics factors anduse the concept of instinct,certain people who use biological approach areSigmund Freud,Konrad Lorenz, and Robert Ardrey(Koeswara 1988).Meanwhile approachby learning are a different it more use the process of learning and studying(Krahe 2005).Video game arefirst introduce back in 1970s,where it first introduce to entertain and killtime purposes but as time goes by it evolving to a larger market where videogames are made and introduce to support a larger media like films and other forexample a movie are made into a game to create a larger market.I also gonnadiscuss the first violence game that in every holiday season where violencevideo games had been on top of every list for kids that era where there aregame called “Death Race”,this game has been marked as murder simulator to beginin the states and it created a lot of controversy and created a black mark inthe video game industry.

In the early rise of gaming community in 1970-1990sthere are no rating system to the video game so it was sold on free market andeveryone at that time with low knowledge on video games could take every genrethat are shown in the video game market at that time.With the rise of holywoodmovies that most of the genre are action that resolve around violence forexample “The Godfather” and wild west movie this created a great opportunityfor the gaming industry to mimic and have the same theme to increase the marketof its early development of video game in general.Moral and concernby the parents about gaming also rise where there are no filters about thegenre given by the publisher at that time.

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But the video game industry in 1980are also overshadow by the explicit rap music in the states that reallybecoming a boom around the world  andwith the free speech by Martin Luther King the violence video game are slightlyforgotten in the 1980s where at the late 1990s the rating of ESRB are beingmade to rate every video games that are publish in the unitedstate.Entertainment Sofware Rating Board(ESRB)are introduce to rate every videogame from the rate of Early Childhood to Adults only game are rated over 8000games in the year of 1994 are rated with this to avoid controversy and sexualcontent.Nowadays with the recent incident that happening around the world thatmention by the media that suspects are under the influence of violence gaming.Alot of this incident claims that the suspects were trained under violencegaming.I would like to discuss that this claim can be counter and cannot begeneralized to say that a suspects are under a videogame influence unless thesuspect itself claims it.

Because everyone had a different approach and point ofview to how people introduce to a certain situation or certain topic.Justbecause a lot of games included violence theme in their gameplay this doesn’tgeneralize on how video games could increase a aggressive thought of a personwhile and also by playing a violence game could not be concluded to a long termbehavior of increasing in aggressive thought in a person.  Factors that could affect aggressive actionFrom Buss state that factor that could influence aggressive action are- Agressive CuesAggressive cues isthe object that bring a lot of concept that related with aggression and memory,forexample if someone are dealing with a violent they will be more aggressive thanthey do in a nor mal situation-ProvokeA provocation thatinclude bully,cursing,and harrastment could trigger someone aggressive actionto be able to get out from the zone of provocation and to prove other peoplewrong-Pain and ComfortA feeling whenyour body is hurting and it could made u stress and become a high temper personthat also could be the trigger for aggressive act that followed howuncomfortable you are in a certain situation.-DrugsIn toxicated or ona control of a drugs also could really trigger someone emotion and their behaviorin general for example if you are addicted from nicotine,you will have to fulfillyour  addiction that could be createdinto a certain needs in your body nonetheless it will create a change in yourbehavior and be able to trigger the aggressive action      Violence games could decrease the actual violenceBased on theresearch I found,more aggressive person will see and stay in their circle ofseeing aggressive medium such as violence gaming,violence movie and etc.whichmake aggressive video game keep this aggressive people are stay in their homeand less committed crime because they have their own sort of “simulation”.

A lotof research I found either it short term cause or long term they create a mix resultand this makes both side either way could be debatable.Based on the researchmade in 2011(Christopher Verguson) made an experiment where he gathered 103young adults to play a 3 categories of nonviolent games,violent games becominga “good guy”,and violent game becoming a bad guy and after that they need totake frustration this study they are no showing of a link to playing agames or aggressive thought but a participant who already had violent gamesbefore the experiment shown less aggression and fewer hostiles action.Thistheorem also claims are not related to each other where playing violence videogames could create to more aggression it is more related to a moral issuesrather than aggression it self.In a review paper ,aresearcher review 136 paper and look over 1030 participant and concluded thatviolence video games increase violence,reducing social skill,and reduce sense ofhelping to each other but  a lot of thisreview were generalize and the behavior shown in the paper are more to a shortterm effects of a example imagine you were playing a sad games,canyou conclude that playing sad games could lead to a heavy depression?while youmight get sad after playing the game but does it conclude to a more long termresult yet  this theorem are used in manyof the violence game study where a short term reaction concluded into a longterm effects of a person especially aggressive thoughts.But finding a long termresult of a study shown a weaker result that makes claiming a violence gamingcould lead into a more aggression to a two side discussion that everyone candecide which side they believe whether it’s the side where they agree onaggression or a disagree side.

Human Behavior isthe responses of individuals or groups of humans to internal and external.whichhuman behavior can be shape and can be change by the influence a human takenwhich in this matter a lot of bad influence that created stereotypes andgeneralization are made by them who are not even understand how reality andvideo games are a different.The reason why violent gaming are popular in thegaming community is because there are less consequences that are given to theplayer itself and it doesn’t resemble real life actions and why people playgame are because they could do what they cant do in their normal life.This problem isback to how kids are raise and controlled by their parents to and controlledtheir kids what they digest and as if kids are influence by this violentaggression is their parents to monitor what game that their kid areplaying.Because of there are a lot of incident regarding kids parents areblaming game publisher of producing violent video games in my opinion it is a bad parenting because in everyvideo games has a rating which I has explain before.

               Generalization on Gaming CultureBased generalization is to make a general  statement by inferring from specific cases.Generalizationare similar to stereotype where it define or represent  a specific individuals or specific groups ofpeople,in this case are gamers.Based on the research I made a lot of mass mediaespecially television news channel blame violent video games on the negativeeffects of it.The way they see it a violent games only offer a “killingsimulator”and sums it up that a person who played violent video games could beinfluence easily by the content of the game.while they never notice thepositive side of a violent games on what if it offer a great storyline,or whatif it resemble the real life situation that are happening around the world?alotof violent video game offer a cultural difference to what could be an educationalto the player.News report and mass media report has a lot of involvement inbrainwashing the public to believe that video game and gamers in general arebad to the society.Research has beendone from Hannover Medical School,theresult from that research are explaining that violent imagery/video game doesn’ttrigger a human emotion to do certain aggressive act,but by playing violent videogame it made the player response to that aggressive the early 2018the same research with different method also been conducted in University of York,they use pictureguessing method to the experiment where the result doesn’t differ with theresearch conduct Hannover Medical School,also there are no valid evidenceregarding the connection of violent video games could make someone emotion of aggressioncould be triggered.The experiment use animal and car base game,in the drivingcar game participants are instructed to avoid collision with other cars  and the animal base game are u become a ratthat are being chase by the cat,and after the test,participant are will conducta quiz to indentify which image category that are suitable to represent the gamethat they play before the quiz.But this quiz are conducted for youngadults,with the age of 18+.Dr.David Zendle still curious what if they conductthe experiment to the kids.