Introduction is a big industry to make money. There


Clothing industry is an
initial industry for the any person. Comparing to the 18th century
we made a lot of changes in the clothing industry. In the ancient time people
only uses leafs to cover their bodies. But now we are in the 21st
century. Clothing industry has made a lot of change. With the latest technology
the speed of the production is also increased. Before one decade it the people
were making all the clothes with their hands which take a lot of time. And now
in between few hours a person can ready the shirt or pent.

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Clothing is a primary
need of a person which he must have to wear. The whole clothing industry works
on the latest trend. Fashion is an element that every person is following which
he or she likes the most. “In reality, fashion is complex, with different
styles of clothing appealing to many different groups of people.” As a clothing
retailer, you must have to do something very creative that attracts all the

There is variety type
of the clothing. Like an example, Formal wear, Casual wear, Traditional Wear,
Party wear, Professional wear. Every person can select the clothing by the
occasions. And a person must have to know that on which occasion what he has to
wear. Like an example, if you are facing an interview, you must wear formal
wear or professional wear. Moreover, in your regular days you can wear casual
wear to show very formal. With the clothing you can judge the person also.
Because with perfect clothing we can understand that the person knows what to

Clothing is a big
industry to make money. There are varieties of purposes to start a clothing industry.
First purpose of the business is to understand properly that what customers
need. Second purpose is to make handsome amount of profit. Profit is the main
purpose of the business. Without profit business is not exist. Lastly, once you
satisfy to your customers, he will definitely come back. And that customer will
be your life time customer. But to attract him you should have to provide
proper service.

The NAICS code for the
clothing industry is 448110 which are divided into three parts. First two digits
represent retail trade. Middle two digits represent clothing stores. And last
three digits represent men’s clothing. So the whole NAICS code represents
Retail Men’s Clothing.