Introduction department to fortify my learning despite being a

Introduction and style My name is Kateryna Bolotova. I am the student at Hotel Institute Montreux who is currently studying Hospitality Management. This internship was quite interesting and at the same time challenging for me but I’m grateful for such exciting experience in my life. For 4 months since 1 of August 2017 to 30 November 2017 I did my internship in Golf Centre in Kiev . In this report I will describe my experience during the internship period. This report contains the organization profile, the functions of F department in the golf center, human relations ,description of the area where I worked in and duties , challenges that I faced during my practice and evaluation of the performance along with improvements for the company.For this opportunity I would like to thank first of all:Ms. Tatiana Pavlyk- executive director and F manager of Golf Center Kiev who introduced me to the property and arranged specialized learning materials concerning knowledge on F department to fortify my learning despite being a very busy person. This is an example of professionalism for me as this woman is unbelievably organized by implementing so many duties and responsibilities every day.Mr. Evgeniy Kolimets – restaurant manager of golf center Kiev who helped with my induction and training on restaurant services. I also thank him for sharing real life stories and experience which helped me to cope with some problems that sometimes occurred during the internship.Ms. Maria Svetlakova – front office manager of Golf Center Kiev who let me to work also as a hostess at the entrance being a face of the company and having the opportunity to learn by welcoming and greeting clients. It was an amazing experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity to introduce our organization to guests. Beside my internship, I enjoyed spending time with Golf Center team a lot. I thank them for creating such beautiful atmosphere for me.Description of the establishment Golf Center Kiev is an independent organization and considered one of the best golf centers in Ukraine which attracts a lot of people with different interests and requests.The Kiev Golf Center is created for all members of the family – children and adults, golf masters and those who are just beginning to learn the wisdom of this interesting sport. There are 38 stations on 2 floors of the driving range as well as 6 hole golf course.For those who are not quite confident in their abilities or want to improve their own game level, they can offer individual lessons with the coach, or group classes. Children will get practical golf gaming skills, learn about the history of this game and golf etiquette in lessons at the children’s golf academy. For the youngest, while moms and dads play golf, there will be a lot of interesting games and entertainment on the playground. If customers get hungry after playing golf, they can visit one of the restaurants. In complex there are 2 restaurants – the Golfer and the Keyser-Volkonsky cafe. I have worked in the Golfer restaurant which is a cozy room for 60 seats (plus 25 in the bar area) and a stage, a bar, 2 summer playgrounds, the opportunity to grab a snack without leaving the game (the food is served to customer in the driving range), catering services in the magnificent halls of the Center – coffee-breaks, receptions, banquets. In the menu – there are dishes of European cuisine, and, of course, the dishes of national cuisine.The uniqueness of the restaurant is location with the wonderful views both from the restaurant and from the summer areas. Golf field, the river Dnepr, flowers – this landscape is not typical for city restaurants. That is why, the restaurant is a very popular place for weddings and wedding ceremonies – the latter are held directly on the field in front of the restaurant.Another distinctive feature of the restaurant is the attitude towards children. There are plenty of activities such as coloring, toys, Lego, and in summer – trampoline, slides, houses, sandbox, toys – and all this in a city restaurant, 10 minutes from Khreshchatyk square. The restaurant is open 7 days a week – from 10.00 to 23.00.There are very different types of customers as the center combines variety of activities for all ages. There are many things to do for families, couples, business people and children. They come from countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, China,India, Ukraine ,Russia and USA.Below I would like to show the organizational chart of Golf Center:Picture 1.1Food and beverage director:Food and beverage director is in charge of centre’s food service operations. The position demands an experienced restaurant leader with a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge. He is responsible for quality control, inventories, scheduling and intangibles. Food and beverage manager:He is the head of food and beverage service department and responsible for its administrative and operational work. In general he is responsible for budgeting, compiling new menus and wine lists , quality control, employee development.Restaurant manager:This person responsible for directing and supervising all activities pertaining to employee relation, food production, sanitation, guest service and operating profit. His job include: setting and monitoring the standards of service; setting duty charts, monitoring staff positions, staff promotions and handling issues relating to discipline; training the staff by conducting daily briefing; playing a vital role in public relations, meeting guests; formulating the sales and budget for the restaurant;Banquet manager:The banquet manager supervises the banquet operations , sets up break down service according to the standards of organization. He coordinates the banquet service in conjunction with other departments involved and prepares  weekly schedules for the banquet personnel. He is responsible for organizing everything right down to the finest detail.Organization of the area where you undertook your internship Since I sent my CV to the Golf Center in few days I received a phone call where HR manager asked me to attend an interview with them. After an interview the couple of days passed and I was confirmed for the desired position. The HR manager sent me the job description which highlights the type of work I will expect and the rules of organization. My work started from 09:00 am until 19:00 pm and the duties were: greeting guests, saying goodbye to them, checking call reservations and answer messages, making sure the guests are seated and menus are clean and checking with the manager if any events are held. I had 2 days off in a week which were mostly weekends but sometimes it was also during the weekdays because our restaurant held different banquets and parties.My area was quite well organized and comfortable as I had a high rack and a chair where I took my position and carried out my responsibilities. Most of the time I did not have a possibility to seat due to busy working day. I received the uniform which must be worn all day while in guest area. My uniform consisted of white blouse, black vest on top of the blouse, black knee-length skirt ,beige tights and low heel shoes. The makeup must be light, no catchy accessories, tied up hair , badge with my name, phone is not allowed during the work and smiley face of course. I always had breakfast at home before going to work but I had lunch at canteen with our staff and sometimes if I have banquets or parties I had dinner at the restaurant. In the canteen we had our Ukrainian traditional and European cuisine. I did not eat there often as I prefer different food products in my diet like yoghurts, fresh juices, salads, salmon, lamb – what they did not have at all. So most of the time I took packaged meals and necessary food products with me. The staff in Golf Center were allowed to use toilets and golf courses if needed.The restaurant manager also taught me some important rules to follow to be in line with my position:I should smile even if I am on the phone making bookings: It improves vocal quality and sounds pleasantStand up right : I will pay better attention to what is being saidI have to use a low voice pitch : It will make me mature and authoritative Avoid speaking loudly: I may sound rude Avoid expressions such as “yeah”: It can make me sound dull and uninterestedHuman relations The atmosphere between colleagues was very friendly and communicative. The director Ms. Pavlyk always encourages staff in the Golf Center to be respective and patient to each other as this is the key to successful working environment which is vital for our reputation and morale. Since I came there at my first day all staff were nice and kind to me which helped me to get used to the company and my position. The colleges were opened to me and happy to help and ask any question at any time.The internship training module from food and beverage department was prepared by direct supervision of executive director Ms. Tatyana Pavlyk and with Mr. Evgeniy Kolimets who is a restaurant manager. So we went through a process of learning bookish knowledge and see how it works in the real life.At my first day I attended the class under ten food and beverage director and restaurant manager who illustrated me their learning experiences toward me. I learned the organizational hierarchy of food and beverage department and the roles they play. I also learned different challenges the food and beverage department as well as restaurant hostess has to go through during daily operations and how to handle guest created problems. We watched Business Kiev training centre documents and learned how to use the knowledge in real life scenario. Then I was taken to Golfist restaurant where I saw the practice by my manager of working as a hostess where managers demonstrated me how to escort guests to their tables and ensuring that customers are comfortable and informed of the status of their orders.Manager provided me hard copy of training module to learn at home. Also Mr.Colimets took me to the food and beverage production area. He introduced me with different equipments and instruments. During my work as a restaurant hostess I learned how to monitor the open dining sections for empty and clean tables, estimating wait time for guests, monitoring bookings, answering telephone, monitoring guest waiting list and ensuring needs are met while they wait and preparing the restaurant before, during and after service. I attended several banquets with the help of my manager and worked until closing. The total four months period was surprisingly interesting and enjoyable. The attitude of Golf Center team toward me was unforgettable and I learned a lot from them. Reflective Logs : 10 situations (1500 words)1.Acceptance of credit cardsSometimes there were some problems with accepting certain credit cards like American Express where guests did not simply have cash with them. It was causing inconvenience for our customers so I had to direct them to nearest cash machine to take off cash. Also I was calling my manager to ask for help on how to react in particular situation.2. Inability to speak either English, Ukrainian or RussianI was surprised but I met some customers from countries like Spain( small cities), India and China(to my amazement) who were not able to speak even English language. I was very scared and disappointed at the first time when I faced this situation but then the good idea came up to my mind. I could use the translator where they can choose the language they speak and I can easily welcome them and ask what they would like to do in our organization. 3. Working on another position After working as a restaurant hostess my manager Mr. Kolimets suggested me to work as a reception hostess because in his opinion it would be interesting and challenging for me to change the position and try something different. At the first time I was a bit scared and felt that it is something new which was one of the challenges. At first I felt like a fish out of water but then I tried to cope up with the help of staff. They were supportive. I learned how to welcome guests, direct them and answer any questions. 4. Too many people at the same time,events Especially during the weekends sometimes we had celebrations and events meaning our restaurant was full of people and you have to serve everyone. Paying attention to all their requests and needs 5. Cancellation of booking at the last momentWhen customers failed to call the restaurant earlier and let us know they will not be able to come instead of doing it at the last moment this  can result in losing profit for example. The experience I learned from this is that I can call or send SMS to the customer to control their confirmation. Moreover I should never show them irritation and with the nice tone thank them for the phone call suggesting another date. 6. Drunk customers For me this was a huge problem as I used to see quite often intoxicated customers and inadequate behavior but I never knew how to deal with it. During my internship I learned that I need to plan for it ,especially over the weekends when people have celebrations and just having fun so I am ready for dealing with guests. We had the case when a group of men had too much fun, they started to make a noise like speaking loudly, disturbing other people and almost the fight happened. I prevented this fight between men by calling our security which asked them politely to calm down themselves otherwise they will have to leave our restaurant immediately or call the police. Also the great idea came up to my mind such as using green, yellow and red light system with our staff to assess the level of intoxication and take an action. For example if I see that customers are drunk already I may ask staff to watch them attentively or in the worst scenario I can ask them to leave and get them off the property safely. 7. Sexual harassment It was a difficult emotional situation where male guests tried to harass me by asking my phone number , inviting to the table and their apartments in a strong and sometimes aggressive manner. They went too far in expressing their admiration for me which was morally hard and humiliative.On the training I was informed about sexual harasser at the workplace and if it happens I should complain to my manager. When these kind of situations happened I usually warned customers that repeated misconduct will result in a ban or Mr.Kolimets reassigned me to another job so I can avoid interacting with the customer.8. Helping the manager I had to help the manager and this means I have much more responsibilities. Mr. Kolimets allowed me to help him to plan and coordinate menus, respond to customer complaints and queries, offer advise on food and wine choices and maintain hygiene. Especially I remembered the situation when customers didn’t pay for meal and just left the restaurant. The thing I had to do when they walk out is appeal to management about the service and the owner had to swallow the loss. But in general I understood that working as a restaurant manager is a big responsibility which requires to make decisions on your own and use your theoretical and practical knowledge all the time. 9. On the move all dayIt takes a lot of energy up to be on the move all day especially with my back problems. At the end of a day my back hurt so much and the only desire that I had is to lie down on a bed. You cannot just seat on a chair and do nothing as you are the face of the restaurant who represents this place so you must always be nice, welcoming and ready to meet your guests. I used my lunch break time when I can have a rest and do my personal things.10. Customer’s complaintsSome customers did not like the service or the food being served so sometimes they complained to me and I had to solve it. First of all I listened to them carefully and apologized without blaming them. You should show that you care Then I asked them what would be the best solution to them and if we agreed on something I take an action. I gave them discounts/vouchers on their next lunch/dinner or some treats. Conclusion In conclusion I can say that I was excited and at the same time worried about my internship in Golf Center. My excitement was due to induction into real life hotel experience. But a bit worried whereas I can prove my worthiness to the opportunity Golf Center gave me.As I started I attended training classes and tour of the property and then went to the practice. I learned a lot and made mistakes that taught me through. In this report, I tried to express everything I learned and observed. I tried to illustrate situations and suggest solution based on my learning. I really enjoyed my days with Golf Center team. They are friendly and always willing to deliver knowledge from their experience. I am amazed by their endeavor and I am fortunate to have them as friends. But I have some recommendations for the Golf Center to overcome probably some existing weaknesses and to fortify the strengths.I would suggest to improve infrastructure and technology as it might be a bit old fashioned comparing to other organizations like Golf Center.They should more concentrate on identifying and verifying potential market segment to attract so they will have more profit and can explore different marketing strategies to its full potential. For management, I would recommend to discuss more often and deeply center goals with employees and design improvement plan. Plus I would enhance training program by hiring experienced trainers and providing more learning materials to the new employees.There are a lot of people who wants to play golf but there are not enough golf courses which reduces profitability and guest satisfaction. Golf Center should expand the area for playing golf if possible. The major problem is outdated infrastructure and design which can result in extreme competition in near future so they really need to meet international standards.AppendixPicture 1.1Work Certificate Employer’s Evaluation Form