Introduction considerable for the last ten years. Many people




 Human’s physical appearances have become more
and more considerable for the last ten years. Many people assumed that the
outward aspect was one of the main factors to judge someone.  Moreover, the desire to perfecting oneself is
inevitable, especially women, who often suppose that more beauty would bring
more charm and confidence. As a result, the number of people who have cosmetic
surgery has increased significantly through years, for example, USA has
4,217,862, accounting for 17.9% of world-wide total(International Society of
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2017) . With a purpose to improve aesthetic appeal,
symmetry, and proportion this kind of surgery performes on all area in bodies
which patients want to change. To discuss this morden phenomenon, my research
point out the causes, results and some advises for people who are going to have
or have already had cosmetic surgery.   

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Concept of the phrase “cosmetic surgery”


 Reality television shows around
the world based on surgical transformations were not the first public
spectacles to offer women the ability to compete for the chance to be
beautiful. But what is the exact meaning of the phrase “cosmetic surgery”? The variety of the answers are  all influenced by the ways you ask. It can be
seen clearly that different experts or surgeons have their own definitions
which make it hard to find the conclusive answer. Besides, cosmetic surgery
contain many kinds with cetain functions so the diverse types also is a
difficulty. However,
cosmetic surgery is defined as one of typical sectors in orthopedic surgery
whose goal is to enhance physical appearances, nonetheless, caution should be
required when appoarching (Nordqvist, 2017). Visual
improvement has become a trendy concept for about 10 years, consequently,
cosmetic surgery has been grown sharply, for instance, top five countries whose
number of people opting for cosmetic procedures represent 41.4% of whole
utilization (Global Aesthetic Survey,
ISAPS, 2017).  There are many types in
cosmetic procedures: Breast surgery, Liposuction, Vulvovaginal
surgery, Facial cosmetic surgery, Hair transplantation. (Nordqvist,
All kinds have own typical uses, functions and cautions. After operating,
patient always have to face to the risk of caseation or distortion. More
demands more threats, but people do not take precaution which make cosmetic
surgery a booming phenomenon with full of menance.

2.2. Causes of the phenomenon

The chief cause of this occurrence definitely
is media. Many people have considered the unattractive outlook is the
reason, nevertherless, it is moderately true. As you know, social media
appeared long times ago and made a dramatic transformation in human community (Hughes, 2017). That it
has become integral issue in life which provide both benefits and drawbacks as
well. I will discuss about negative effects relating to the causes of the boom
in cosmetic operation in this research. People always have dissatisfaction of
their outlook, however, social media push this biotry to a high level.
People always seek for perfection and when they receive critics on mass media
where self photos can get both possitive and negative (Hughes, 2017), they feel inferiority
complex. Thus, the self biases lead them to a better transformation to boost
seft-esteem and seft image.If they have a successful operation, their
confidence will improve, then it might be a worthy undertaking.


 There are beauty applications and shows existed
could have strong impact to human mental 
problems especially, teenagers. They may find themselves ugly
then beauty apps come to them as a perfection tools. Sooner or later, the
awareness of vitual beauty approach and teens may find another alternatives
which is permanent and cosmetic surgery is recommended. In detail, in 2015, about 226,000 cosmetic procedures were carried out in the age  13 and 19 (Zuckerman,
2016). Not only apps, TV reality shows like “Change life” or “The Swan” also encourage
the desire to be more fascinating by showing the revolution in apperance after
being opperated which leads to admiration and appropriation to oneself. Using
the fact that  everyone wants to look
good, media awakes human’s longing for beauty and finding for eternal solution
such as cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, many states raise considerations whether
have surgery or not as muffin tops, fat thighs, too big breast or not big
enough, hairy arms. Acording to Rabin (2013), nowadays many adolescent girls
seriously concern about and want to tinker with the vulva.


 Under the
circumstance, desire of beauty in mind powerfully affected by celebrities. The
high standard life-style, especially charm and fabulous appearance which is brought
about by the social networks raises the demand for surgery substantially .
Moreover, idolisation, a serious problem among teens, result in the huge number
of fans who wants to have resemblance to their idols. Walsh (2013) stated that the non-surgical treatments are available, it
has contributed to normalise cosmetic procedures and promoted by celebrity
culture which widely pervades on media. Statistic show that about 80% of
the cosmetic surgery surveyed indicated that celebrities were a major impact to
their patients’s decision, 64% have cosmetic surgery under the age of 30
(Miller, 2016). It is undeniable to say that cosmetic transformation in young
age has become new trend at present.


other reason is their patience problem. Keeping fit by balancing diet or going
to the gym takes a long time to complete. Moreover, it is considered as a
temporary solution for obesity with long time practice and sufferance with
myalgia. Hence, cosmetic surgery is becoming the more accessible and affordable
treatment (Walsh, 2013).


2.3. The result of cosmetic surgery

  More and more people undertake cosmetic
procedures, which leads to the crisis behind. Failure, unpleasant symptoms,
drug’s side-effect are inevitable. Most women getting breast implants stand at
least one serious
complication within three
years, “including infection, hematomas and seromas, capsular contracture, loss
of nipple sensation, and hypertrophic scarring” (Zuckerman, 2016).
Initial signal after operating is infection, the destruction of nerves, skin, organs or blood system. Further loss, rarely, is shock or
tragic death. Transformations always come with pain and endurance, for example, liposuction result in  eating disorders and deformed self image.
Likewise,  tummy-tuck
has required high complication because of restricted mobility after surgery (McGilchrist, 2011). Potential side-effects after operating consist of altered sensation,
infection, adhesions, painful penetrationand scarring. (Zuckerman, 2016).

  Otherwise, finance is another
problem taken into consider. According to Martin (2016), in New York, chemical
filler or botox, runs around $700 to $1,200. The thought of once time surgery
and permanent success is totally wrong. You also have to pay for drug to ease
pain, re-examination or even repairing if something goes wrong. Futhermore, that some surgeons were too inexperienced to be
offering surgical procedures, it means your expenditure is for the hazard. According
to Walsh (2013), a shocking lack of regulation in these process has been
revealed, which increases the suspicion in the safety of patients. These expense
and risk have led to other option: “holiday surgery” as it can be more
affordable. Posibility of risk might decrease but it is difficult to take care
and follow. South Korea can be an option because it is now becoming the capital
of cosmetic surgery. In this country, att the age of 19, allmost korean girls get plastic surgery, if one person
does not like them, he or she will get inferiority and disrepect from others


2.4. Advices for surgery

  People unregard the precaution
and somehow simplify the result of cosmetic surgery. However, a number of
Korean plastic surgery reality shows taken contradict approach has appeared to
show the crisis of the surgery addiction and screen the operation undoing all
the previous reconstructions (Marx, 2015). Afterall, people having decision to
have cosmetic procedures should focus on some tips to avoid possible regret.
Procedures are recommended being available with doctor’s prescription (Abbott,
2016). Moreover, Dr Fortes (n.d.) stated that doing a research to find right
surgeons by getting online search, looking for physician websites, or their
social media sites, getting more proof such as the before-after photos of their
patients or directly interviewing surgeons is necessary.  According to Dr Fortes (n.d.), it is also important
to be realistic about results, reading other’s stories or reviews and having
own options for improving results. Managing the money for cosmetic surgery is
essential as well by finding factors which have influences on cosmetic
procedures and insurance works. Most important thing is preparing carefully for
operation like cutting down on smoking, avoiding some drugs, supplements,
making transportation arrangements, setting up diet, having emergency contacts
with others and understanding potential for risks. With people who have already
have cosmetic procedures, it is important for patient to maintaining your
surgery result by preventing sun damge, supplying more water and healthy diet,
managing stress and weight effectively and sleeping enough (Dr. Fortes, n.d.).

3. Conclusion:

Over about a century, cosmetic surgery has emerged and unbelievably
developed into an overwhelming issue, causing many opposed views and deliberations.
 It can not deny that cosmetic surgery is
one of the main factors contributing to achiving one’s ambition, however, it is
not worth exchanging even life for the fortune that the operation were
successful. After all, if undertaking surgical procedures is truly
indispensable, considering the advices, more or less, may help to reduce the
unanticipated risks. Finally, the real beauty comes from soul rather than artificial
appearance. There is no beauty more natural
than the kind that is able to understand, recognize and appreciate itself
without altering makeup or cosmetic surgery.