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You’re at
home trying to remake that (said to be) super easy DIY slime you found on the
internet and only to find out you fail again, leaving you with
sticky-glittery-awful mess. But say no more, here’s a complete guide to
transform you into slime maker expert!

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point #1

What you’ll


Content #1

2 bottles
of clear Elmer’s glue

½ – 1 tsp Borax
(you can find it at laundry section of a grocery store)

1 cup of warm
water, ½ cup of water

Wide mixing

coloring (optional)




Air tight
container to store


point #2

Let’s do


Content #2

Mix ½ – 1 tsp borax with one cup of warm water, stir
until completely dissolved. Allow the mixture to cool.

In the other mixing bowl, add as much glue as you
like, and then add water to the mixing bowl. You’ll want to keep it at 1:1
ratio. Mix until it’s fully combined.

Time to add some fun! Add few drops of food coloring,
glitter, sparkles, or even confetti to upgrade your plain slime into that cute fancy
sparkling one.

Pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture. Wait a
minute and see the magic happens as the mixture start to polymerize.

Prep those biceps and stir the mixture vigorously. You’ll
want to get as much of the borax combined with the glue as possible.

Once it doesn’t feel sticky, pull it out and
knead some more to get the right consistency.

Voila! Your goopy, stretchy, squishy slime is ready to
play with.


point #3 Extra Tips


Content #3

Get some borax mixtures into your hand before start kneading
because the slime can be too sticky.

Remove the slime residue with vinegar. The vinegar
will dissolve it right away!

Store your slime in an airtight container to keep the

Always wash your hand after finished playing with


point #4 Frequently Asked Questions


Content #4

I can’t find any Elmer glue, should other glue works

Yes, you can use any PVA glue (craft glue) but Elmer’s
glue makes the best DIY slime.

Can I use other stuff to substitute borax?

Yes, you can use saline solution (contact lens
solution) instead, just add it gradually to the glue mixture to make sure you
get the right consistency.

My slime gets too sticky, what should I do?

Add some borax mixture and keep kneading.

It’s too hard and rubbery, what should I do?

You probably didn’t put in enough water when making the
glue mixture. You might need to remake your slime (that’s where the second
bottle comes in handy!).


point #5 Science behind this


Content #5

Polymers and
Non-Newtonian Fluids are the main concept in slime science. A polymer is a long
chain of identical, repeating molecules. The glue we used in our slime is a

tetraborate is the chemical in borax that linked the polymers in the glue
to form the putty-like material. This process is called cross-linking.

The putty-like
material is called Non-Newtonian Fluid which is neither a true liquid nor a
true solid material. You can pick it up like a solid but interestingly it can
flow and fill the shape of the container like the liquid does.