Intelligence, to other men. Leadership involves both mental and

Intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision— the qualities traditionally associated with leadership (Goleman 1). The poem Beowulf exemplifies multiple demonstrations of leadership qualities throughout its entirety. Beowulf along with the other characters in the poem show different forms of leadership within their actions whether it be loyalty to the next man or guiding men into battle. A leader in any story is an extraordinary figure, whether good or evil, they exhibit immense quality compared to others be it physically, emotionally, or rationally. Demonstrating what makes a good leader is hard because great leaders have qualities that are difficult to identify and determine, which brings up the question: Why do people follow them? For someone to be a leader they also have to follow and be someone worth following, yet other attributes  include confidence, creativity, vision, determination, and communication. Beowulf’s name signifies a deeper meaning to which it breaks down into “bee” and “wolf,” during the era of Old English this translated to bear (Campbell 1). Now a bear’s characteristics are as followed: great, wild, trained, fierce, and savage. All of whom relate to Beowulf as a person. To go more in depth these qualities are equivalent describing a leader. Beowulf was a hero for his accomplishments and a leader because those accomplishments inspired others. He made alliances, defended and brought riches to his people, was an effective king, and a brilliant warrior. From the beginning Beowulf owed the King his assistance due to the bond between his father and the King. This was an example of leadership because it showcased his obedience to his father’s loyalty to other men. Leadership involves both mental and physical strength. In the poem multiple characters exhibit these elements, for example Wiglaf was the only warrior that assisted Beowulf during his battle with the dragon, this says he was mentally strong enough to understand the task to its extent and physically strong enough to be there when Beowulf needed him most whereas Hrothgar showcased the attributes by being a wise king mentally and physically, both men were someone to look up to. Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company (Bradberry 1), Wiglaf and Hrothgar were total opposites and managed to demonstrate leadership with simple tasks. It is not hard to be somebody for someone else to look up to, but it is hard to pretend to be something you are not. These two men harvested leadership capabilities within them which secreted their bodies when it was needed the most. Leaders are the people who make a difference in their communities and influence the lives of others.   When someone can attract, influence, and inspire people by their personal qualities it is called charisma.  While charisma is something that appears to be natural to pioneers like the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and previous president Barack Obama, Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire says, “charisma is 50 percent natural and 50 percent prepared” (Patel 1). In the story Beowulf came to aid the Danes against their evil, and when Beowulf encountered Grendel and vis versa both acted naturally inclined to fight yet both were also prepared to fight.  Blogger Seth Godin revealed that, “Charisma doesn’t cause you to become a leader. Being a leader makes you charismatic” (Patel 1). Being a leader includes aspects of being someone who brings something more than strength to the table, but also intelligence, compassion, and humility. Communication played a huge role in the story because a leader cannot lead without being able to properly communicating with his and/ or her followers. King Hrothgar communicates to his men everything will be “okay” during their time of defeat when in reality men were being killed and/or eaten day and night. Though the King did not ask for Beowulf’s help when the young warrior did show up he was very grateful. He was able to put his pride aside for the well being of his men and the land of the Danes because after 12 years of losing he knew there was no one else to complete the task of stopping the powerful Grendel. In hand with this attribute comes vision, meaning obtaining the wisdom to overlook previous events hoping for a greater outcome. The goal for them was to remove the beast, but honestly how could they do that ? With his strength, teeth, and demeanor how could it be possible to defeat Grendel? Even though Beowulf had heard stories about the destruction Grendel had done, he still pursued the task because he had vision. He wanted the glory, the gifts, and the honor from the mission. Beowulf was focused on the future and how he could can improve it, proving he was capable of being a leader. After having vision, determination comes in to carry it out; it becomes the drive and main purpose for many leaders. To achieve their dream, leaders set specific, attainable, and timely goals then work to achieve them by bringing their teams together, developing an organized strategy and working hard (Patel 1). Even at his old age Beowulf manages to fight evil. For example when the thief stole the treasure  from the Dragon’s cave and caused the problem for the land of the Geats, Beowulf gathered together a team to go and stop the headache only to learn his group of warriors were actually cowards who left him for dead. The point is he had enough determination to at least attempt stopping the destruction of the land. Leaders are focused on getting results and accomplishing what they set out to do. They don’t give up when things get tough, instead they push through and continue even when they encounter challenges. To be a strong leader, you need to practice self-confidence. If you’re always second-guessing yourself, no one will follow you. If you aren’t confident about your own actions, who will be ? (Patel 1) Wiglaf exemplified strong confidence during his aid to Beowulf and it increased when he returned home to banish the men who left them (himself and Beowulf) to fight alone. In the end, Wiglaf became the King due to Beowulf’s death and because he proved to be worthy of the position. Another character who presented confidence was Grendel’s mother, she was devastated to find out her son was dead, so she returned to the Herot to avenge his death. She displayed leadership by taking matters into her own hands and defending what she believed in, which was apparently justice for Grendel, making her a respected character not for her behavior but for her heart.  A leader has to know how to lead before they can guide a group into anything. Beowulf was a great leader because he was capable of performing tasks with great accomplishments awaiting. His comrades willingly go with him because of their confidence in his ability to lead them and to achieve their objectives. Through his own strength and in his capacity as role model, Beowulf ensures that his band and tribe achieve their goals. By doing this he reassures the people that he is good at what he does. Leadership also stems from social influence, instead of focusing heavily on authority or power. The way he goes about leading is in a way that inspires others to respect him as an authority, yet relate to him as a human. Beowulf, Wiglaf, and Hrothgar allow their followers to be a friend while they take the time to learn from them. A good leader learns from those around them because everyone has something to offer.Leadership in the story of Beowulf was very in depth and complex. The characteristics involved are those that magnify one’s character and morals. Being a leader goes hand in hand with everyday occurrences and in the Old English era the traits of a leader were important aspects and correlated to who held higher positions. Beowulf’s last example of leadership is signified when he came to the decision to fight the dragon. Many thought the shouldn’t have due to him being high in age, but ultimately he made the right decision for himself, because if he were no longer able to defend his people it was time to pass on leadership anyway. A leader is someone who can demonstrate the basic lifestyle for regular people, like you and I. A leader is someone who exemplifies himself with attributes worthy of being honored, imitated, and praised. They are the baseline and starter for new things. A leader is a first and “if your not first, then your last.” Leadership in Beowulf was present, but hard to find. After the completion of the paper I learned the only way to lead is to lead by example and be the change you wish to see in world. The poem Beowulf magnified the life of an ordinary man who sought out the call of help from an old friend. Leadership is not give, it is an earned characteristic and deserves to be honored.