Innovation, the student, these strategies work to stimulate interaction

Innovation, pedagogy, and education are very important for each student because it is defined by the process by which the knowledge and skills of the recipient are conveyed by different means.

Also, Education is the fruit of evolution in civilizations. Thus, innovation is one of the processes that lead to create a new idea that has greater value in the human environment, and pedagogy means the science that is interested in studying the foundations upon which the proper educational application is based. It also refers to the bases, rules, theories, and beliefs that are the basis of any educational system. Clearly, the innovation in education is very important to develop the learning in the classroom, and that helps students to develop their skills by creative thinking. Technology is very important part of developing education in the classroom because it can help the teachers to create modern methods of teaching that makes the education more effective.

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In addition, technology in all its advanced means can radically change the educational level of the teacher and how to develop his personal abilities in the explanation and urge him to give a greater opportunity and easier to understand and receive the student of the scientific material, and this, in turn, will reflect on the development of intellectual capacity and intellectual student. Therefore, technology has a major role in the development of student talent and enjoyment in his materials. Innovative pedagogy is the process that a teacher uses developed methods and activities with technology during the teaching to make the students are able to create and analyze the knowledge. Thus, it is necessary that teachers should work to improve the learning strategies which are all related to the method of delivery of material to the student, these strategies work to stimulate interaction and motivation to learn to receive information that helps to chance required for students, such as e-technology, cooperative learning, and creative thinking.  Moreover, there are many methods of innovative pedagogy that helps to have higher positive education in the class room. For example, a teacher uses game activity to help the students to understand more and uses the teamwork strategy during work on the steps to create the database that helps students to learn from others some new ideas, to solve problems in easier ways, and to develop creative thinking between the student. In my opinion, a modern teaching tool, such as computers and other technological means, with many programs and functions in the field of education stimulates the discovery of new talent and the development of mental abilities in various subjects.

For example, the internet has opened a new window to help students participate in school activities and exchange information. Typically, the use of appropriate technology in learning activates helps the education to be more creative and effective. Innovative pedagogy is very helpful in education to get the main goal of understanding.Figure 2 this picture explains an example of innovative school. Global Innokas Blog. (n. d.

). Retrieved from Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) theory helps teachers to teach their students a subject effectivity by using effective educational strategies with technology that develops the process of learning in the classroom (The Instructional Design team, n. d). In addition, SAMR theory is a model to make the teaching more innovative and effective by integrating appropriate technology in the classroom with learning activities (Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything, 2018).

In my opinion, teachers need to both TPACK and SAMR to make the teaching more innovative. I learned from these two theories how can I as a teacher make my lesson more creative and much better understanding. Furthermore, it is true that using technology during teaching in class is very important factors to develop the thinking for students and to make the understanding more effective.  Therefore, the technology can play the role of the mentor who directs the teacher of the scientific material of the student, and changes from the old method of explanation and traditional teaching methods.Figure 1 this picture explains how TPACK Model with TK, CK and PK work, and how SAMR model include. “Week 2.” Digital Teaching and Learning, brentritchie.weebly.

com/week-2.html. Innovative pedagogy has multiple effects on all aspects of the educational process of the student axis of the educational process and then curricula and course. The first positive effects of innovative pedagogy on students in a variety of areas including the students have an area of freedom in the test of specialization and distance and even the teacher who wants and this achieves independence and a sense of self-identity in line with his tendencies and abilities. According to the impact of innovative pedagogy on teacher thinking and action (2002), the technology works to stimulate student motivation through methods and increase interaction within the classroom, and its effects to develop the positive thinking of Through the modern information that it receives through the Internet. Second, innovative pedagogy has developed on the curriculum, the most important of which is the elimination of familiar paper books and their replacement by means of electronic publishing and the emergence of curricula with a high degree of knowledge richness of the connection to the information network, which allows the student to access a large amount of information and the work of the curriculum to provide the material desired by the student. Clearly, innovative pedagogy stimulates student motivation to learn and focuses on skills development and diversity, so that the learner is able to cope with the rapid changes of the society and provide the learner with an opportunity to access the original sources of knowledge. In conclusion, innovative pedagogy has many positive effects on education in the classroom.

It helps to achieve the goals of process learning to develop the education in many aspects such as students, teachers, pedagogy, and materials. For me, I suggest that encourage all teachers to apply technology and modern learning strategies in the classroom and conduct educational courses on how to implement innovative pedagogy in the classroom. When students learn how to motivate and create, that helps to have successful generations. It is necessary that all schools should create innovative technical classes for students to develop the educational process.