Initially, running away from violence throughout the 1960s.The Dominican

Initially,  Dominican immigration to america was important.  Dominican immigration  was important, because a lot of people moved for certain reasons like violence that they were running away from violence throughout the 1960s.The Dominican republican immigration to America was worth the journey, because the limited employment opportunities and poor economic conditions.

First of all, Dominican Republic has an interesting culture. To start with They have many different foods like the flag which is one of their main dishes that contains the red beans served with white rice .This also contains stewed meat and served with side dishes such as fried plantains and a salad. Another dish also which contains a meat, plantain and vegetable stew. Coconut is used to sweeten many seafood dishes such as fish and conch that are enjoyed on the coast. Food is usually not spicy for most people. The Christmas meal consists of roasted pig, with a side of pigeon peas and served with boiled chestnuts.

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At Easter the traditional dish would be fish. Next i’m going to explain three out of all the Dominicans holidays. Dominicans are very festive people when it is a holiday.

For example; Virgen de Altagracia which is a tribute to the patron saint the Virgen of Altagracia. They travel to the basilica of higuay in the eastern community where they have a 15th century painting of Altagracia is hung. They hold small vigils and services throughout and after praying ends the parties begin. (held on January 21)Juan Pablo Duarte Day is all about one of the biggest fighters in the independent Dominican republic. Which is celebrated close to Duartes birthday which is on January 26. Children march with the military members while people lady flowers and wreaths on his grave at Santo Domingo’s Altar de la Patria. Plus they also celebrate at a statue in Duarte Park.On February 27 they celebrate the last day of Carnival falls.

Also it is the same day that the Haitian rule was no more and the Dominican republic began to be independent for over two decades. every community celebrates in there own way but the la vegas were devils they would whack each other with balloons and wore devils horns.Last I’m gonna explain the Dominican republic’s language. The spanish ruled the island but while they were increasingly distracted by their fledgling settlements on the mainland, English pirates ransacked almost at will, also the French leader threatened to take over. I think it was a good thing that they went to America because they got to live around less violence and there kids got to live a better life. The Dominican Republic immigration was worth it because they got better jobs and lived healthier in America than in the Dominican Republic.