Indubitably, instance, according to Arielle Meloul-Wechsler, the organization’s human

Indubitably, with Air Canada as the case studycompany, performance management is perceived to be a critical tool in any givenorganization’s administration process. The observation is made on theconception that the company was fast in realizing the significance of its30,000 employees and this changed everything. This expression is evident withthe fact that the company transformed from an almost crumbling situation to onewhere it recorded exceptional performances in 2016 (Boothby, 2017). Therefore,in the reflection of the analyzed concept about performance management, themajor arguments are that it should be disregarded because it is perceivablymisleading. However, considering that Air Canada has managed to make it itsmost vital operational tool, then, it means that very little recommendationscan be made.

Instead, the company needs to be complimented for its exceptionalperformance.For instance,according to Arielle Meloul-Wechsler, the organization’s human resourcevice-president, the company has invested in its employees as well as consideredthe concept that the consumers are the end-party in its operations (Boothby,2017). That is, the four key priorities: cost transformation, global expansion,customer engagement, and culture change may be applauded for helping to makethe overall performance management effective. Moreover, this is even more evidentwith the fact that out of the 30,000 employees, at least 28,000 enjoyed companyrewards (Boothby, 2017). From this occurrence, the company may be said to bedoing good since it does not suffer the problem of rating as being catastrophicto its performance management.

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If so, the best way to deal with the overallsituation is to make sure that the company focuses on issues of makingperformance management a central tool in the administration process as well ascontinue providing the workers with the needed skills. As of the time frame, there should not bea definite time; instead, the company should make these recommendationsinherent managerial aspects.