In the collaboration from the community in order to

the past, water transportation was considered as a major route of Bangkok by
used for domestic and oversea trading, or boat in everyday life. Nowadays, Bangkok
is the economic centre in Thailand, and it is the main of the country’s
investment and development. So it made Bangkok’s population gradually increased
as the city modernized with a population of 5,682,415 according to the 2017 census. Although city modification
had growing rapidly, the
intricate waterway network have still been selected
by city dwellers to travel in their daily life for escape from rush hour traffic. Moreover, most people lived near or
on the rivers and canals also did their activities
in the water. Hence, many
of these canals have since been paved over, but others canals still crossing in
the city and using as a major of drainage channels and transport routes. But most
of canals are now badly polluted from household wastewater
without treatment system.
Up until now, the state of pollution of the water in the
canal was intense and grew more problem. The official water analysis of Saen
Saeb canal samples, one of the main public transportation in Bangkok, showed
that dissolved oxygen values (DO) in the canal had lower than standard and the
samples from crowded community area showed the lowest DO values in Saen Saeb
canal which is lack of wastewater treatment system and directly
released sewage into the canal.

Related to the direct
and indirect issues that occurred to rivers and canals, government and several
organizations had make contribution to solve the problems. However, different
areas contained different conditions. Therefore, the development of environment
was often related to the consciousness of people in the community, economic, culture
and the landscape of the community as well as the community law. Therefore, the
process for solving the problem must be conducted with the collaboration from
the community in order to consistently gain insight knowledge in many different
aspects. The purpose of this term paper is to reduce water pollution in Bangkok
by use water effluent fee for developing the quality of environment in Bangkok.
This paper was divided into five parts; introduction, backgrounds of water pollution
in Bangkok, environment economic instrument to decrease water pollution, analysis
of environment economic instrument to reduce water pollution in Bangkok and conclusion.

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