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In our life almost everystudent may attend exams. Exams are the fear of almost every student. Every countryhas a different pattern of taking exam as in Pakistan. Why exams are important?There is the question in every one minds. Some of think for checking the intelligentlevel of child.

Everyone has a different opinion as my. Following are the somecauses and effects that tells us the importance of exams.Exams are the main stepsto judge the interest level of any child in his studies. By taking the exams youwill get to know that the child is serious in his studies. Exams has many benefitsone of them is you will easily see the differentiation between a good studentand an average student. There is always the positive effect of exams in our society.

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Exams is the tool forevery student judge himself as a good student. If the student work hard andprepare well for exams this will always benefits him. Like take the example ofmy friend in 1st semester of his university he do not take studies seriousand do not concentrate properly on his studies that will ended up get F in hisone subject. But when he try to work hard and focus on his studies now he willget A in almost every subject.

So exams is the platform for students to expresstheir talent to the teacher as well as to the world. The last things that I amgoing to talk about is negative side of exams. In recent last the pattern oftaking exams has change.

Because of no proper check and balance on government schoolfrom government. The private sector had an opportunity to make the money whateverthey want. In Pakistan there are mostly middle class family living for them itis not possible to pay the high fees of their child that will ended up thestudent stop the study and ended finding the part time job.In last, exams areimportant for every student to express himself in all around the world. We canthe example of Malala Yousef zai.

But in recent years with the interference ofprivate school and sector that mostly student could not afford the fees andstop their studies. We hope that the government should maintain the level ofgovernment school so that all the student could continue their studies.