In scene has many different complexities and unpredictable moments

In chapter 7 of “The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare’s Comedies” (2008) the author examines, “The afterlives of Shakespeare’s comedies”. The author starts off by examining Biron, which is a main character in “Love’s Labour’s Lost. In this story, Biron is given a task by his lady-love Rosaline, to spend twelve months visiting: the speechless sick”: his task shall be with all the fierce endeavor of your wit, mainly to enforce the pained impotent to smile. Most people believe that the role of Biron is Shakespeare’s fantasy version of himself as a young man obsessed by language and its relation to the real world of power, sex, class, and community. From this role two main questions came about; What is the role of wit? Can it have any power to do good?  Despite the questions and the idea of suffering, death and the world ending, the ladies during this time decided that they would not make this play a comedy and not a comedy. By doing this audience members were able to have mixed emotions about the play; both laughter and frustration.

In Labou’s “The courtroom scene has many different complexities and unpredictable moments brought by Shakespeare. This play write starts off in a court room of trustworthy figures where Shylock has this gruesome hatred against Antonio over his pound of flesh; which is using his body as reparations for money that was owed. The Duke then tried to bring fourth the idea of mercy. He also argues that they are all inhabit, and what ever is purchased is that persons soul responsibility to make sure any type of payment or trade off is fully complete, and being that Antonio owns a slave he is responsible for it. The law during that time made it possible for human bodies to be destroyed, which is the main point that Shylock was arguing for; he wanted to destroy the body of Antonio. The suspense arises when Shylock wins the case and prepares to cut into Antonio’s chest. This style of comedy is called a black comic style. This is where the audience can view a performance of knife sharpening, placing scales, and the gathering of as bowl and napkin. This is where the audience can see the horror -flicks of Hollywood. To make the play less excruciating the murders is a ritual and common through tradition.

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There are many different basic rules of comedy; but one of the most important rules is that “the triumph of the resourceful young woman has been reasserted, and all shall be well”.  However, Shylock is dismissed from the stage more humiliated that ever, because he wanted to get revenge on the Christians. In other words, karma came back in an unpleasant manner. The interesting fact is that scholars can not seem to find Shylock’s position in the real world and it remains unresolved. Shakespeare comic style is admired and noticeable because of the different moods, interpretations, and the culture that it brings to playwrights and the stage. Anti-Semitism is having prejudice against the Jewish people. Majority of the purges and organized massacres were mainly against the Jewish communities, killing over a million Jews within the early part of the twentieth century. Most people believed that the folk-tale- based tradition of Shylock is what created the bogeyman. The novel “Othello” is a perfect example of what we as an audience may refer to as the enlightenment project; which consists of feeling for the suffering of others. However, the tragic wouldn’t have been read until 200 years later. Shylock appeal to this idea because he is “the father of a daughter who deserts him”.