In phone with almost all the features except for

In today’s world, we should have higher mAH of a battery.

so that, it can last longer in a day which makes our day smoother and happier. Battery plays an important role on the phone. We should this feature before buying the phone.Why we need high mAH battery?I will say an example, I have a phone with almost all the features except for less mAH battery. So, I have all features as I will play a game with stunning graphics, which also uses Internet connectivity. It is a beast as it will be performing well.

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After a while, it needs battery charge as it is a beast. When it comes to higher mAH case it can stay longer. Battery charge is like food to the phone. When it gets food it can serve greatly.An example in real time, The lion is king of the jungle which eats 10 to 25 pounds a day. If it can’t get that much amount of food. It is likely to give up the title as a king as it grows weaker.A phone without high mAh battery having all features is like not able to use it to its full capacity.

soTips you should know for good battery lifeNever charge with other phone charger or which comes at a lower price. ONLY charge with a charger which was approved phone manufacturer. Otherwise, phone health will be damaged.You should always keep your charge between 20% to 80%. We can’t do this.

So, keep charging between 20% to 90% only. So, that the battery health will be great.Only make once a month charging from >20% to 100%. So, that it can have healthy charging.

Never make it to below the charging percentage 10 worst case scenario 5. And in any case don’t make it zero, as it will be dead. Turn off the phone manually when it gets to 10% charge.Why I am saying can be explained with an example. If we eat daily with hunger stomach we get problems such as acidity, gas, etc. If we eat daily properly and once in a while we eat till stomach is full.

We will feel happy, but we eat daily till stomach is full we get lazy and become fat.You may wonder not following what happens?When you buy new Smartphone, in the early stages a 90% charge last longer in a day as days go by the same percentage doesn’t last long as before this is due to not following these basic tips.Now a day’s most common highest mAH battery is 4000 and there is 5000 mAH. It is best we have at least 3500 mAH battery.

But I prefer 4000 mAH battery as the minimum.At last, we need higher mAH battery as it can last longer if we using features that consume more battery. And following some of these tips, you make better use of your phone. This should be considered before buying a phone or you may end up worrying about battery backup.