In ones. Therefore, new bonds can be created (Gelens

In order to handle human resources ofthe organization Human Resource management is created. The aim of thisdepartment is to train the employees for their updating of skills anddevelopment. Moreover, they are also given the responsibility of hiring the employees.They play vital role for organization and provide assistance to achieve goals.It also helps to maximize the performance of people working in theorganization. There are different functions of HumanResource Management which are explained below:Recruitment and SelectionThe first steps include recruitment. Inthis phase the candidates are hired for a particular job.

In this phase properscreening and selection of the right candidate takes place. If correct personis not chosen then it will be wastage of resources. Moreover, there is athorough analysis done before job description is done.

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The duties andresponsibilities are also defined beforehand. The job specification also takesplace in which qualifications of the candidates are decided. This is indeed themost important function of human resource management. Furthermore, it helps toreduce the cost and if the person is trained properly then there will bereduction in the cost. Harrods can reap the benefit if proper recruitmentprocess is conducted (Gelens et al., 2013).

OrientationThis is the second step and companieshave to give a brief introduction to employees. This helps them to understandthe working environment of the organization. Moreover, if this is implementedin companies like Harrods it would help new employees to get used to workingcondition. In orientation there are different topics covered such asobjectives, aims and vision of the company. During this phase, employees canalign their goals with the requirements of the company. It is also a good icebreaker; new employees get to meet the old ones.

Therefore, new bonds can becreated (Gelens et al., 2013).Working EnvironmentIf the company needs to be successfulthen they need to provide good working ambiance to the employees. If thecommunication process is smooth then employees are aware about their duties andresponsibilities. They become more motivated if they are heard and they try toperform their best if they know their own tasks.The Relationship with EmployeesIn order to have healthy environment inthe organization it is important that employees develop a good bond with eachother. It also helps to bring more creativity and innovation in theorganization. If companies like Harrods focus on developing good relationship withemployees then most of the problems are resolved (Nyberg et al.

, 2014).Training of EmployeesSince, the world is changing at fastpace therefore, it is important to train the employees. If they are trainedthen their performance is improved and they can be asset for the organization.The training can be internal or external. If internal training is provided itdoes not waste the time of the person rather he gets to know the workingconditions quickly, however, if the trainer is from the organization only thenbad habits can be transferred to the new employees.

Some companies can alsosend their employees for external training. This will help them to know thingsin a better way. But, this type of training is usually done after working hourstherefore becomes a cause of demotivation (Bourne, 2013) P2 Strengths and Weaknesses ofRecruitmentAs discussed above recruitment processinvolves the selection of the right person for the right post. Therefore, thereare two approaches which Harrods uses. One is internal and other isexternal.  These approaches have certainbenefits and weaknesses which are discussed below:Internal RecruitmentWhen the firm decides to hire a candidatefrom the organization, it is called internal recruitment.  The benefits and drawbacks of such type ofrecruitment are discussed below:If an internal person is employed ithelps to increase his motivation level and the morale of the employee.

Theindividual becomes more loyal thinking that it is reward for him. Otheremployees tend to have motivation and try to improve their performance level(Al Ariss, 2014).Strengths1.     The greatest benefit of internalrecruitment is that cost is relatively low as compared to external recruitment.2.     Similarly, the cost relating to trainingis reduced as existing employees know the working conditions prevalent in theorganization. Moreover, he has good understanding of chain of command.

3.     The internal recruitment also gives achance of healthy competition. The other employees try to increase theirproductivity so that they can be promoted.WeaknessesHowever, there are some drawbacks ofinternal recruitment which are listed below:1.     There will no inclusion of new ideas andtalent in the firm rather same school of thought will be prevalent in theorganization. The traditional ways of doing work cannot be transformed intonew.

2.     Moreover, there are chances of jealousybeing created amongst colleagues’ other employees would feel that they lacksomething that is why they are not promoted.  This will create anenvironment of distrust in the organization (Bamberger et al.

, 2014).External RecruitmentWhen employees are hired from externalsources then it is called external recruitment. There is different mediumutilized for it such as newspaper, job portals, recruitment agencies etc. Thebenefits and drawbacks of this type of recruitment are discussed below:Strengths1.

     It allows the inflow of new talent inthe organization. Therefore, more positive energy is created in theorganization2.     There are people who are employed whohave better qualifications which can be an asset of the organization. Likewise,existing employees can learn new ways of doing things from the new one. 3.     There will be better opportunities forgrowth of the company (Clark et al.

, 2016).WeaknessesThough, the benefits are more but thisprocess is time consuming. Furthermore, more resources are required to conductexternal recruitment. This process is considered to be more expensive. Thecompany needs to incur heavy expenditure on advertising.

Similarly, there arehigh chance of employees backing off since, companies are not aware about himpersonally then this could result in a major loss of resources (Marler andFisher, 2013, p.23) M1 In order to achieve businessobjectives talents and skills are vital to Harrods. Assess how the functions ofHRM can provide talent and skillsTo achieve the present businessobjectives talent and skills are essential to Harrods. There are variousfunctions in the organization which can provide apt skills and talent: More Options forTrainingThe current business environment hasbecome dynamic thus, it is essential to keep the skills of the employeesupdated. There are generally three types of training. Induction training isgiven to employees when they join the firm. This helps employees to getthemselves familiarize with colleagues and work environment.

These wayemployees tend to adjust themselves quickly. On job training is given by anexisting employee to the new one. This way time is not wasted as employee willbe working in the organization. However, there are high chances that bad habitsof employees can be transferred to new employees. This method is alsoconsidered to be cost effective. Off job training is given by an outsideperson. This method allows employees to have more skills as they are sentoutside. Though, employees often get demotivated as they have to work afterworking hours.

Each training method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Harrodscan use this function to polish the talent. It is important to sharpen the skills of employees. Therefore, threetypes of training shall be provided to the employees. These are calledinduction, on job and off job training (Sarker, 2017).

Plan for RecruitmentIn order to hire the best talent it isessential to devise a proper recruitment strategy. This can be done if rolesand responsibilities of employees are clearly identified. Roles and responsibilitiesconsist of work that is needed to be performed by employees.  Similarly, there should be a thorough analysisof job.

If everything is identified clearly then right person is chosen toperform the task (Lievens, 2015, p.11)Use of Appropriate PlatformIn order to attract best talent it isvital that ads are posted on correct platform. There are various companies whoalso offer such services. This way the prospective candidate can reach thecompany. If different platforms are not used correctly then best candidatecannot approach the company.  D1 Critically evaluatethe strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment andselection, supported by specific examplesKraft FoodsThe company that has been chosen todefine about strengths and weaknesses is called Kraft Foods. They are known forproviding good quality products to its customers.

They have also initiatedcareer pages where candidates can get themselves registered. This will allowthem to apply for vacancies directly. In case, the person is not selected theninformation is stored and can be used by the recruiter later. The strengthshave been discussed below:1.     The information about the candidates canbe accessed quickly2.     Transparency can be ensured; this willimprove the brand image of the company.3.     The work of the recruiter becomes easyas he does not need to analyse CVs.

 However, this system has certainweaknesses which are conferred below:1.     There are chances that candidates areignored because they have not filled in the correct details.2.     Advertisements relating to ad can becomechallenging for the recruiter as there are many platforms where it has to beposted (Kaya et al.

, 2014, p.43). Task 2P3 Explain the benefitsof different HRM practices within Harrods for both the employer and employee.

There are different practices which arefollowed in Harrods through which employers and employee benefits. The moraleof the employees is boosted through HRM. Furthermore, there is increase seen inthe productivity of employees. Furthermore, there are different factors whichare used by HRM to raise the level of employees. They are provided trainingwhich include, induction, on job and off job (Stoneet al., 2015, p.139).

The HRM also focuses on the development of workerwelfare management. If there are no workers then companies cannot achieve itsobjectives rather losses shall be incurred.  There are cultural events which are planned bythe organization to meet the needs of employees. In addition to this, there isteam building session. There is a safety office assigned whose responsibilityis to look after the safety of employees.

Likewise, the health of employees isthe prime concern for Harrods. They look to maintain the mental as well asphysical health of employees. There are proper measures taken to minimize theaccidents at workplace.

The mental health is maintained through psychologicalassessments. There are various surveys conducted in Harrods to ensure that employeesare happy (Riley, 2014). P4 Evaluate theeffectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising Harrods profit andproductivity·        The HRM has played an important role inimproving the productivity and profits for the organization. Since, the companyhave implemented HRM they have witnessed an increase in the profits andemployees have greater productivity.

·        HRM in Harrods tends to promoteinnovative environment. The main focus of the department is to motivateemployees. They have taken various initiatives to ensure that productivity isincreased(Taher et al.

, 2010, p.179)·        The role of leaders and managers isimportant in Harrods. Leaders tend to set tone of the organization. They areconsidered as role models. Employees tend to follow the leaders. They give asense of direction and purpose to employees.

HRM helps Harrods to recruitmanagers that help to raise productivity and profits. ·        Harrods helps companies to achieve teamas well as individual goals. There is effective communication followed in theorganization. ·        There is a direct link between theperformance of employees and its goals. In Harrods same thing is followed thatis why controlling has become easy in the organization.  If there is any deviation from the goals thencorrective measures can be taken by the company.

·        The profitability in the company islikely to improve when there is more collaboration. This has helped Harrods todevelop formal methods.  This also helpsin promotion of team work. For instance, if employees work in teams then moreideas can be shared. There will fewer conflicts witnessed and positiveenvironment will prevail.

·        In order to motivate employees there arenon-monetary measures provided. This helps to increase the loyalty, motivation,energy and excitement. ·        Harrods have always believed thatcurrent business environment is dynamic thus, employees are sent on training sothat skills are updated (Jabbour et al., 2016,p.1824). This is important as employees should know how to perform requiredtask.

If they do not know then targets and objectives will not be achieved. M3 Explore thedifferent methods used in HRM practices, providing specific examples to supportevaluation within HarrodsThere are different HRM practices usedby Harrods to raise the productivity and to monitor the performance ofemployees in the organization. The company believes that there should beconstant evaluation of the performance.

The HRM of the company ensures whetheremployees are reporting to workplace on time or not. The relationship of theemployees with others is also checked. There is check in and check-up mechanismfollowed in the organization. Furthermore, there are meeting arranged to checkthe performance and status of employees. This help to see whether required taskis finished or not. HRM also believes in maintaining a balance between life andworkplace.

They believe in development of human health. There are constanthealth assessments done to ensure that health of the employees is maintained.The company not only focuses to maintain physical health but also mentalhealth.  As the current world is changingquickly thus it is essential to develop and train employees. This will allowemployees to meet all the challenges that will arise in future. This also helpscompanies to prepare themselves for future.

The short and long term goals areexplained to employees. It is essential to compensate the employees for thework they perform. This helps to increase the motivation and productivity levelin the organization (Herschberg et al., 2017,p.10584).

 Task 3P5 Analyse theimportance of employee relations in Harrods with respect to influencingIn Harrods employees have strongrelationship with their colleagues. This is because employees want to have sometime on their own. The management encourages informal communication. This helpsto motivate employees.

Moreover, employees become comfortable with one anotherand they work towards common goals. Since in Harrods employees have goodrelationship thus work load can be shared. There is proper division of thework. Moreover, if there is good relationship amongst workers then conflictscan be reduced and there is no fight amongst the workers. Likewise, there ispleasant environment in the workplace which helps to promote loyalty. Themotivation of employees is also high.

The returns to the company are alsoincrease. This helps to reduce the recruitment cost. In addition to this, thereis effective communication system which means there is no discrimination.Employees are motivated to work towards desired goals. Furthermore, the decisionsare also made on time (Gardner, 2017).

 P6 Identify the keyelements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRMdecision-makingHarrods have also believed inmaintaining and following legislations. They have followed stringent ruleswhile recruiting an employee or hiring the employees. The important elements oflegislation are discussed below: ·        The positions for which employees arebeing recruited are properly defined. The responsibilities and rights have beendescribed beforehand. ·        The rules for compensation are alsopresent. The working hours are also listed and minimum wage requirement is alsodefined. ·        The company believes in treatingeveryone equally.

The wages, hours, health facilities and sex are treatedequally. If at any point any difference is seen then employees can raise theirconcern. HRM has an important role to boost the positivity in the organization.

·        Employees need to know the time theywill work in the organization. If proper compensation is provided thenemployees can do extra work. Employees are allowed to take leave on anyoccasion. This allows making better decision (Colleret al., 2017, p.

83). M4 Evaluate the keyaspects of employees relations management and employment legislation thataffect HRM decision–making in HarrodsHarrods always believe that withoutefficient workforce their survival is not possible. There are different toolswhich are used by the company so that their objectives can be achieved. Ifemployees are happy then it will benefit the organization. When employees areaware about their rights then decision making becomes easy. Furthermore, nocompany can take an undue advantage of employees.

In addition to this,employees will work diligently if they trust the management. The loyaltyamongst the employees is also likely to increase.  The creativity and innovation is likely toincrease (Bradbury et al., 2012, p.20).

 D3 Critically evaluatesemployee relations and the application of HRM practices that inform andinfluence decision-making in an organisational context.If there is strong relationship betweenthe management and employees then better decisions can be made. There is no communicationbarrier rather effective communication takes place in the organization.

Employees are able to convey their feelings, ideas and thoughts. There is morecreativity in the organization. The workers also like to enjoy their work.

Ifemployees have good relationship with one another then conflicts are reduced.These employees tend to give respect to one another. Furthermore, the rate ofturnover is also reduced. The employees like to work in the organization.

Theylike to come again and again and meet their friends. The employees are awarethat their efforts will be appreciated and respected.  The whole ambiance of workplace is in supportof employees which is why there is higher productivity. Discipline is alsomaintained in such type of organization. The workers commit themselves and there is no deviation seen from thecode of conduct. It has been seen where there is no discipline then companiesare likely to fail.

Thus, discipline needs to be maintained at any cost. Theperformance of the employees needs to be managed and evaluated. Appreciationneed to be given to employees so that they perform task in a better way. Ifemployees are not appreciated then morale and productivity is likely to godown.  The required standards need to bemet (Brewster et al., 2017).

 Task 4 P7 Illustrate theapplication of HRM practices in a work related context, using specific examples Thereis positive relationship between the employees’ performance and practices ofHR. There should be fairness promoted in the organization. It is directlyrelated to the positive attitude and performance. For instance, if an employeeworks hard then he needs to be rewarded. There should be no biasedness followedin the organization.

The perception of employee needs to be clear (Su et al., 2015, p.140).

There are differentresearchers conducted which state that if employees know they are treatedfairly then they have positive attitude towards the workplace. In order toassess the relationship of employee and HRM practice additive approach is used.There is survey conducted where employees are asked to fill yes/no format. Theanswers are then added. The practice which gets high score is regarded as thebest practice.

This approach is frequently used in the organization. Moreover,there are meetings held in the organization to show the performance level ofthe employees (Bodin et al, 2017). M5 Provide arationale for the application of specific HRM practices in the context ofHarrods.Thereis a lot of competition witnessed and hence, it has become the need for time toimplement different HRM practices. It helps companies to boost the morale andincrease the productivity in the organization.

There are different trainingsgiven to employees to ensure that their skills are updated. The survival ofcompanies is not possible if they do not have proper HRM practices. There is aneffective reward system followed in the organization. This has been set bykeeping the organizational culture in mind. Loyalty and trustworthiness areconsidered as the base for this particular system.

Harrods has always believedin treating its employees in an appropriate manner. This reward system has beendesigned by keeping different motivation theories in mind. The focus of thissystem is on the growth and development of employees.

Rewards are in terms ofpromotion which means if an employee works hard he shall be promoted to ahigher post. This helps to keep the morale of employees high. There areintrinsic and extrinsic rewards given to employees. Intrinsic rewards helpHarrods to retain old employees and to attract new ones. The reward system isnot only effective but it provides money value also.

The quality of work isalso improved as employees know they shall be provided incentives and bonus.These incentives help to promote creativity and positive environment in theorganization