In low technological development into the verge of collapsing.

In theearly of civilization of discovering new land and people, Hernando Cortés is one of the explorers to conquer Spain. Accordingto Los Angeles Harbor College report,he is one of the few who crossed the Atlantic after Christopher Columbus. Whichbecame a known factor of how Spain had conqueror some of the countries andislands of the Caribbean.  The reasonsCortes choose these countries to be a part of the Spaniard colonies,respectfully, earn him the title of “great conquistador.” (Marcus 2016 pg. 4) Leading, the effects of the conquest are thatthe Spaniards introduced the Spanish language to an area with indigenouslanguages from the article of ChicagoTribune.

Indigenous people in Mexico have never recovered from the Spanish invasion.Cortez selected himself to learn theindigenous languages in their invaded territory by trying to convert theirreligion and practices to Christianity. The hostility toward Cortez and his “illegal” expedition also stirred up conflictin the monarchy of the Spaniards. Subsequently, after he accomplish theconquest, Cortés was accused from his enemies of deceiving the crown of legal revenuesand fomenting rebellion againstthe Spanish King.

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Therefore, Cortes wrote “directly to the king” in fear ofrelation towards himself. (Bierma 2006)            Next, Cortes and hisarmy were able to take over an empire of the Aztec family in Tenochtitlan, thepresent day of Mexico City, Mexico. The rapid expansion of had stretch into itsrigid political structure and low technological development into the verge ofcollapsing. The Aztecs integration was unfulfilled because of the increase ofritual terror, human sacrifice, and military control of their commodities. Onthe website of Central history, Montezuma the king of the Aztecs, had an epiphany of someonethat will take over his empire.

Thus, before Cortes defeated the Aztecs,Montezuma paid him to leave off the land and never to return to the kingdom bygiving him gold. Gold created a way for Cortes to conqueror the land ofas his own profit by generating larceny and removing a clear majority of peoplefrom their homes to build an empire of Spaniards. (Central, Cortes enters aztec capital n.d.) In addition, thefollowing reason why the Aztecs was unsuccessful because of a help of a native Princesswho became Cortés translater to gainunderstanding between the two nations. From the Central history website, Cortes defeated the Aztecs with only10,000 men on his side as his army, with the help of an epidemic of small pox.  The army was abolishing human sacrifice, taxcollection, and implementing masses of people to convert to Christianity.

Allof this concluded that Cortes was an oppressor against the Indians, fromreligion, monarchial practices, and agriculture.  (Central, Cortez Conquers the aztec n.d.)            Furthermore, theoppression against the Aztecs was to protect innocent people from gettingcannibalized from their own monarchy. The king of Spain sent Cortes to theAztecs for masses amount of human sacrificing and the conversion toChristianity. The Spaniards wanted a motivational force to stop the genocide ofthe natives. In accordance, Reality Is Not Optional website, the Aztecs sacrificed 80,400in four days in 1487 as a ritual and religion practices.

  Christianity gave the natives the route toend there “religion” and ritual practices by not exterminating its own people.Christianity was the avenue to give the Aztecs peace and freedom by choice fromthe Spaniard colonies. In accordance, RealityIs Not Optional, Cortes defeats the Aztecs in battle on their land, andwhoever survive, he enlists the survivors in his forces. Cortes keeps them in”faith” of his religion and they weather the elements, hostile natives,starvation, and heat stroke. He was focused anddedicated to his goals, and all his actions were designed to mimic his goals.

If a nation surrendered, he was quick to forgive past conflicts. However, if anation resisted, it felt his wrath as a conqueror. Cortes always commanded hismen to spare women and children, but his native allies felt no suchcompunction.

 (fisher 2014)            In conclusion, Corteswas a rightful and generous man who took upon his life of saving other peoplelives. Rather he was right or wrong, he was a hero to the Spaniards and thenatives for ending genocide and human sacrifice in another country.