In have in different ways led to my interest

In this day and age, I find it quite hard to not be able to acknowledge the contribution of technology and electronics in our daily lives.It has truly enhanced my life by simplifying and improving numerous tasks, including communication.The part played by the engineers in this advancement of mankind is indisputable, and I aspire to play such a fulfilling role.As I currently study physics, chemistry, and maths at A-level, and thoroughly enjoy the courses, I love to be intellectually challenged and involve in critical thinking and analysis where necessary.

It also always amazes me how the findings from decades, and sometimes even centuries, of research, hard work and dedication of notable individuals are compiled to form a single chapter concerning the fundamental ideas about a topic and this makes me appreciate the details more.Take the structure of the atom for example, and how various models over time resulted in what we now consider to be the most detailed description. I was also fascinated by how well my subjects complemented each other and would like to, therefore, have an opportunity to study them further and this ideal combination of subjects equipped me with the core principles and practical skills needed for this electrical engineering degree.Deriving equations and establishing new relationships between existing quantities has also been of interest to me.

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Furthermore, I understand how important it is to back up important conclusions with precise numerical evidence, and how various electrical components can be used to have a different impact on the circuit/output.  I took part in several activities that have in different ways led to my interest and, possibly, prepared me for this field.I participated in the Green Chemistry Project which aimed to raise awareness among students about the adverse effects of global warming on the environment, the human activities causing it, and the solutions in place to the problems which involve reducing wastage and increasing recycling of materials, in particular, electronics which include expensive metals that can then be reused to create more efficient and sustainable system, thus lessening environmental damage.The teamwork involved taught me fine leadership skills along with following others in charge.The Breast Cancer Awareness Program I engaged in greatly polished my interpersonal and communication skills which I believe is vital to achieving success in any programme/profession.

Lastly, my involvement in the Annual Bake Sale which intended to raise funds for charity, and included marketing the products to the customers, managing the costs, and planning the event immensely enhanced my organizational skills that are needed to be a better student.The activities mentioned above helped me acquire a skill set that is essential in pursuing a degree and a career in electrical engineering.As an individual who enjoys learning and indulging in a variety of experiences, and someone who truly values higher education, I look forward to attending this university due to its distinguished alumni, unparalleled course scheme and diverse community, if given this excellent opportunity.