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In Canada, it is common practice for us to be kind and compassionate to others, but this is a quality not all countries share. Generally, Canada is seen as a nice, safe place to live in. Something that attributes to this is our acceptance of LGBT members. Gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005, where many other countries such as Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, still view homosexuality as an attraction meant to be punished. Some residents of Canada still have issues accepting those who are LGBT members, but we have laws in place that are meant to protect people against this discrimination and harassment. The push for acceptance of LGBT members is becoming more prominent in current times with the younger generations pushing equality for all. This is something that myself, and many other teenagers support.  Canada is one of the few places people can truly feel themselves, and that is an important part of society. Feeling safe and happy allows for the good of the whole community to grow, and this is necessary for our survival.2LGBT Rights in Afghanistan Roughly 99% of the population of Afghanistan are followers of Islamic Faith. The followers of the Islamic Faith are notorious for their deep belief in the Quran. The Quran condemns marriage between same-sex couples, and sexual activity outside of marriage. Participating in either of these gives the means to be killed for your actions. The government in Afghanistan has no laws in place to protect the LGBT members of the populis. LGBT members are seen as sinful, and often considered pedophiles or rapists. This condemnation of LGBT members leaves people fearing for their lives, and hiding who they really are, participating in arranged marriages to remain safe.  A common practice in Afghanistan against LGBT members is kidnappings, stonings, and even conversion therapy. This is very shocking as a Canadian, who was raised to accept everyone, no matter the differences. In comparison to Canada, Afghanistan is appalling. How a person could live in these conditions is beyond me, especially with the people of the country in such poverty.  A community cannot connect with one another unless they are allowed their basic rights, which the LGBT members in Afghanistan have not been allowed to live a normal life with these necessities. 3 In relation to the Wheel of Justice, the lack of laws in place to protect LGBT members is going against the principle of ‘Dignity of a Human Person.’ As people of God, we all deserve respect and our freedom. This should not be based on the actions or emotions we feel but just the fact we are human. However, in Afghanistan people lose their respect and freedom when they are denied the ability to express themselves, and are punished for doing so. It also goes against the principle of ‘Rights and Responsibilities,’ in how the LGBT members of their society are denied the basic right of living, and the necessity of feeling safe, and like themselves. Without their basic rights, how is a community supposed to thrive, and feel connected with one another. My Opinion In my opinion, feeling safe is necessary to survive, and that is something the LGBT plus members of Afghan society are being denied. This is not acceptable, and we should be trying to do everything we can to help these people. Afghanistan has a large amount of refugees with their country still being war torn. This is an opportunity to help those in need, not only the LGBT members, but all people in Afghanistan who feel unsafe. I cannot imagine living my life pretending to be someone I am not, and constantly being in fear of every move I make. How are you supposed to live when you cannot express how you feel? We all made to reflect the qualities and likeness of God, and denying a normal feeling that you feel as a human can be harrowing and harmful to your mental health, and possibly your physical health.  Therefore, the issues happening 4in Afghanistan with LGBT members, is something we should be doing more about, and trying to help these people.