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In this essay, I will bediscussing how Google tries to motivate and retain talented staff, I will bedrawing on aspects of the main motivational theories to show why it might beeffective. So, what is meant by motivation? It means ‘The will and desire thata person has to engage in a particular behavior or perform a particular task'(King and Lawley 2016).  Nearly everyhuman is motivated by one thing or another, due to our need’s as a human beingthey lead us to put pressure on ourselves, which then we as human beings feelthe need to act to achieve the need’s.

For example, the need to drink leads usto thirst, because of this a person is motivated to drink.  First of all, I will be lookingat the different types of motivation, there are two main types which areintrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is ‘Behaviourthat is driven by internal rewards. In other words, the motivation to engage ina behaviour arises from within the individual because it is naturallysatisfying to you’ an example of this would be for people who love to dance,their motivation would be to attend classes and learn dance routines to theirtype of music which would be classed as the intrinsic motivation. Extrinsicmotivation is ‘behaviour that is driven by external rewards such as money,fame, grades, and praise.

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This type of motivation arises from outside theindividual, as opposed to intrinsic motivation, which originates inside of theindividual’ an example of this would be in a work place when people are lookingfor promotions in office based environments. Google is anAmerican multinational company. The company provides both goods and serviceswhich are related to technology, these include software’s, search engine,advertising and cloud technology. Google was found in September 4, 1998, thecompany as a whole has grown to provide for millions of customers around theworld. The founders of Google are both Sergey Brin and Larry Page, they bothwent to Stanford University.

The Initial Public Offering was on August 19,2004. The company was founded in Menlo Park, California, U.S. one of the firstservices Google had provided was Gmail, their approach to emailing had includedfeatures like big amounts of storage and threaded messages. Later, in 2006Google had developed an online video sharing service/ website, up until todaymillions of videos are uploaded to the site every second. Google had thendeveloped their products to desktop as well with providing services likeorganising and photo editing and apps for web browsers.

Furthermore, they haddeveloped their own Android mobile which is led by Google. The Google Chrome OSsoftware is the only operating system run on its goods.  The company processes over 1 million searchrequests a data and about 24 petabytes of data every day.  Afterresearching what Google look for in an employee I had found that their maincriteria are for their employees to have abilities such as determination, beingeducated and to praise ability more than experience. Employees of Google haveset visions and objectives set to them for the company’s success. This allcomes from the ability to speak many languages and being able to respond toglobal audiences to serve.

As a company Google try hard to keep their ‘openculture’ associated with start-ups, which is that everyone in the company is acontributor and with this they should feel comfortable to share their opinionsand feelings.  Google has their ownoffices and café, these are created to enable and encourage employees of googleto communicate about the company. So, the question is how does Google motivatetheir staff to reach success and retain their talented staff? Google’sgoal is to “strip away everything that gets in our employee’s way” (Google,2010). They provide their employees with a lot of benefits, for example first-classdining facilities, gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, haircuts, carwashes and dry-cleaningservices which are placed within their place of work. They even have shuttlebuses that pick-up employees to work and from work. Google truly want to makethe employee feel like they’re at home and have a relaxing company to work withso that they are able to complete their jobs to its full potential.

When itcomes to communication within Google everyone is mostly alike; they callthemselves ‘geeks’ and they enjoy working with each other’s company. After research,I have learnt that Google is very different in a way in which that they listento their employee’s ideas openly. Also, the employees get rewarded for newideas that they suggest at Google. Being able to work there without anyonetelling them what to do is what the employees at Google like. They cherish thefreedom that is given to them.                                                                                                           Google isknown to incorporate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help them manage their employeesin an open way. As stated in Maslow’s theory an employee can’t actually bemotivated until an employee’s basic needs are met.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needsis arranged that had lowest level of needs which then move to the highest levelof needs. Maslow states that an individual should move up in the pyramid ofneeds in order to fulfil their needs these include physiological needs, safety/security needs, social needs, self-esteem and finally self-actualization.  As a company, Google provide their employeeswith all the needs. They can take care of their employees using extrinsic needssuch as physiological, safety/ security and social needs (Thinking Leader,2012). An example would be that they provide food by providing free cafes forthe staff and good pay which are physiological need, they provide doctorservices to meet their needs of safety, belonging/ respect by colleagues for thesocial need, salary/ good ranking for self-esteem and opportunity to progresson their passions e.

g. promotion for self-actualization. Google provide theiremployees with both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. They believe that humansare not only motivated by pay alone.