In find it quite revolting the fact that people

In my opinion, in total institutions a privatization is formed, a
reserved world of its own where rules are more important for people, a world
where the continuous objective is reform. Although many tests and experiments
from those institutions are merciless and generate physical pain and
psychological damage, they have been made to solve other issues, so people will
not commit them again or find proper and efficient solutions, eventually even
long lasting. First of all, some of the institutions I truly appreciate are the
ones that help the people that lost hope, the helpless ones: old people that
cannot take care of themselves properly anymore or do not have any relative to
look after them, orphans as another example as well; the ones that without the
help of other people cannot survive such as the blind and the poor, the ones
that actually need and deserve this sort of help. The people that work for
those institutions are required to have a lot of patience, thus proving
kindness and selflessness by choosing to take care of the ones in need – even
if it is surchargable, it is still remarkable. Second of all, the other
institutions that take care of people that I admire are the ones that help and
provide support to disabled and mentally ill people, such as psychiatric
hospitals and other specialised institutions in treating tuberculosis, leprosy.
Those people that are affected by these kind of diseases cannot be blended in
with the others, as they can cause damage, as a mentally ill man cannot control
his actions properly, thus ending up physically hurting the others around him.
I find it quite revolting the fact that people have to be witnesses to some of
the experiments, even if they do not have any adjustment to the situation- the
observers can develop a post-traumatic syndrome from the terrifying images of
people screaming in pain, having convulsions or other crisises, watching the
pain of the people they might know and maybe had lunch once, thus everyone
undergoing the authority of the system. The most merciless institutions are
jails, prisons, war prisoners bearings and concentration camps, because of
their severity. In conclusion, each and every total institution has its own
defined purpose and it follows its interests, this being a continuous and constant