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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, illustrates how fear can take over your human abilities to complete actions and control impulses. Lord of the Flies captures the image of fear by showing how even young boys will choose their survival over any others. The author, William Golding steps into the minds of each boy and shows the effect fear can have on them and what limits they will go to, to survive.

Fear makes its first appearance in the book when the boys fear to be alone. They begin to fear the island itself and believe a beast itself is in their presence.The fear of isolation creates a figure of their imagination, “beastie”. This beast is supposably watching their every move and wishes to kill them. Obsesion to find and kill the beast grows so much that they start to live in fear and are afraid to explore the rest of the island. The boys start to have nightmares and begin to fear what lives in the woods. Their constant fear causes them to not want to explore the further depths of the island, making them have to sacrifice needed supplies that lies in the woods. Using the fear of  a beast living on the island, Jack advances and uses the groups fear to become a better leader.

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They even believe that the beast has taken the form of  Simon, causing them to attack and tear Simon apart until his death. This shows how fear can make you imagine things and take over your ability to complete actions. Fear is also represented by the group fearing the loss of power. Both leaders Jack and Ralph fight over who is in charge. They argue and fight over who is right and wrong and who should be making the rules. The need to be in charge becomes such a big deal that the group splits in two and has the boys choose which leader they want. Golding expresses that fearing monsters is natural but fearing the loss of power is a form of greed and is chosen.

Jack has total control over the boys, and abuses this power by beating the boys because of strict rules.While Ralph only wants to be rescued off the island and keep a strict, but strong, protected environment, Jack is obsessed with hunting and finding the beast. Jack becomes possessed with power that he controls the boys to become violent. He can control every decision made by the boys, that he can send them to attack and kill the other tribe. This shows the boys fear Jack so much that they won’t question what he asks them to do.Fear can make you do crazy things.

It can take over your mind and make you become a whole other person. This was shown in Lord of the Flies when Simon dies. Simon dies by being  ripped apart by the boys hands and teeth.

The boys, only thinking that Simon is the beast, kill Simon because he has now become the beast. Their fear for the beast is so strong that it makes them want to kill anything that could be the beast. “Surrounded by a fringe of inquisitive bright creatures, itself a silver shape beneath the steadfast constellations, Simon’s dead body moved out toward the open sea”(Golding 154). Simon was one of the many symbols in Lord of the Flies, he represented christ by being a christ like figure. He was sacrificed by the boys during a ritual dance.

And when his body floated away in the ocean, it had a inhuman way about it.Piggy’s life is also taken, when the fight between Ralph and Jack gets out of hand, Piggy tries to remind them of the importance of rules. But Roger pushes a rock down the mountainside. Ralph moves out of the way, but the rock hits Piggy, pushing him off the mountain side to his death. Piggy’s life was taken because of others obsession with power.

This shows how the need for power will only end badly. Their want for power turned into a need for power, ending in others getting hurt instead of themselves. Piggy was not the one who wanted to be in control, yet his life was the one to end.

Jack’s and Ralph’s need for power caused them to fight and not stick together, when the thing they needed most was each other. The boys divided into two groups because of the issue of who was in control. Even though their main focus should of been to find every way to survive and be rescued.Fear can take over your mind. It can cause you to do crazy things you would’ve never imagined yourself to do.

Us humans fear many things. We fear what we can’t sense, we fear what we don’t know, and we fear what we do know. We as humans can relate to Lord of the Flies itself in many ways.

The book shows how we fear to be alone, fear to not be in control, and fear to die. As the book expresses these fears so do we. We react out of fear.

We may react in violence or actions, but we still all have fears that can’t be controlled. The fact that we can’t control what were scared of scares us even more and causes us to act in a certain way. We cannot control the way we act when we feel fear, but we can choose to stand up to our fears. If we stand up to our fears, maybe we will be able to control them.The book discusses a lot of fears the boys have, but one major fear the boys have is the fear of the unknown. This fear is represented by the beast in the woods.

The boys fear that a presence, “beastie” is constantly watching them. They fear of what the beast might actually be and are afraid of what it can do. Their fear increases throughout each chapter and you begin to see the boys drift off into a state of inhuman like ways.

They start to think that everything wrong that has happened is because of the beast. When Sam and Eric see the dead parachutist they immediately think it is the monster. As soon as word gets out that there is actually a “monster”,  the boys begin to fear the unknown that has taken over their island.

Now fear has taken over their minds and has created an island full of darkness and evil. ” They lay there listening, at first with doubt but then with terror to the description the twins breathed at them between bouts of extreme silences. Soon the darkness was full of claws, full of the awful unknown menace.” Fear is also captured in the boys fear to have no adults on the island with them. “Aren’t any grownups at all?”(8) The freedom at first seems like a blessing, but in the end the boys fear of what they can do without rules.

Ralph tries to make a set of boundaries and rules for the group, but Jack is overwhelmed with his sense of freedom that he disobeys every rule. This causes conflict for the group. They begin to argue about who’s in power, but no conflict is resolved when the group splits in two. The lack of supervision causes the boys to act out and become carefree. Piggy is the only boy who realizes the need for adult supervision, therefore he has no one to protect him from the bullies. Ralph although happy for having no adults on the island, begins to realize the need for a leader with appointed rules and laws. Jack disagrees with Ralphs decisions and persuades half the group to come with him, for a better way of living.

The boys create an environment of survival of the fittest where there are the hunters and the hunted.There are many ways fear can be captured in Lord of the Flies, and a lot can be related to the natural world. We as humans can relate to a lot of the fears each one of the boys went through. They fear what they cannot see, to be alone, and to die, us humans feel the same in many ways. They express their fear in violence and anger and can be shown throughout the book how they’ve changed into wild untamed boys. This book not only shows the dangers fear can cause, but also represents many important lessons.

It shows how survival is important, but staying and working together will help you survive longer. Not only can survival and fear be captured in this book, but the importance of  friendship and brotherhood is shown. The bond between Ralph and Jack may have been torn apart by the need for power, but the bond between Piggy and Ralph grew. Piggy stuck by Ralph’s side even when everyone left, this shows the importance of friends in a time of need. Fear can be a good or bad thing, it is if you use your fear as an advantage and not let it control you, you can survive and stand up to your fears