In /content in center is using CSS (center-align) that

In this POST, we discuss some more HTML Tags Line break, Centering Content, Horizontal Line, Non-Breaking Space etc.Line break (
)HTML break Tag use to insert a single line break and enable the next character starts from the next line. HTML break Tag start with 
 but there is no ending Tag. Just use the 
 Tag, onward text or element placed in next line. HTML’s 
Tag is an Empty Tag.Break Tag is useful for writing an Addresses or poems.

Example :hello
How are you Centering Content (

)HTML center Tag
is used to put any content or element in the center of the page. That centered the content only Horizontally.HTML’s center Tag is always begin with
and must be end with

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Carefully need or must be close the center Tag otherwise that put all remaining content horizontally align.We can use That Tag but better idea is to align the elements /content in center is using CSS (center-align) that will in future POST’s.One of the drawback of

Tag is that is Not supported in HTML5.Example :
All that content aligned in center of page Horizontally.
Horizontal Line (

)In HTML Horizontal Line (

) Tag is used to Visually Break-up the section of HTML page or Web page. In another words, a horizontal line comes between the is sections.

or the document break in an HTML page or Web page.The

tag must start with

but there is no ending Tag for

in HTML means that is an Empty element (Element that have no Ending Tag like :
Tag ).You can give Line between two paragraphs or some time used for underlining the text but that is not a good idea.In HTML5,

Tag define a thematic break.Example :This paragraph is above the Horizontal Line

This paragraph is above the Horizontal LineNon-Breaking Spaces (;)The non-breaking space is represented with ; it is a common character entity that used in HTML. means usually, HTML not allow the extra space between text or content of paragraph or other any other element so using ; we add spaces in our content.or That is a space that will not break into a new line.That is Like ordinary space that we used.Ampersand (&) must add in start and Semicolon (;) must be placed at the end of .Example :This;paragraph;is;above;the;Horizontal;LineResult: This paragraph is above the Horizontal Line