In character and their motives. For instance, in the

 In conclusion, the movie, “The Purge” captures human nature reactions leading to events that display the end of humanity and civilization, fear and distrust of outsiders, alienation, dehumanization, loss of rules, and application of brute force and torture in place, while presenting an image of a believable futuristic society. The movie explored the philosophical theory of utilitarianism, and egoism. While tackling interesting ethical concepts of moral choice and free will, questioning a person’s behavior and actions.Free will is an idea that humans could change the course of an event, and refuse to participate in anything driven by external factors.

In the movie the Sandins didn’t want to participate in the purge, so they protected themselves from the purges by barricading their doors and turning on their security system, but individuals in the streets living without protection from the purges. Who use this day to wipe out ‘non-contributing’ members of the society like them, have trouble defending themselves from the purges so they inevitable purge to protect themselves. The man for instance could have been one of the individuals purging to protect their life since they didn’t have a house with a state of the art security system, so when Charlie open the door for the man he instantly ran in and Charlie was able to change the events that would have happened to the man if he were still outside, which allowed the family to fight against the masked killers instead of aid them in their participation in the purge. Free will is a crucial part in making moral decision without it moral choices would not be formed. Resulting in individuals to question whether they should act ethically or not, and allowing actions to happen unexpectedly.

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Moral decisions require individuals to look deeply at a situation and its possible outcome. However, without free will moral choices could not be formed. A moral choice is a choice based on the persons ethics, if an individual is a morally good person basing their decision on choices that would have a positive outcome for all individuals, they would be consider morally good. Moral Choices were seen in the movie constantly, individuals were put into a position where they had to save their family, participate in the purge, or fulfill their desires. Their moral choices also exhibited their true character and their motives. For instance, in the beginning of the movie the youngest son Charlie, decided in an instant to open the door for a stranger, he made the decision without thinking twice.

His moral choice showed his character, he was sensitive and generous, man y neighbours didn’t want to put their lives in danger for anyone which is why they barricaded their door and turned on their security system. Charlie didn’t think twice about the risk he was putting his family in for his decision but just wanted to save the man who was pleading for his life. James was also faced with a moral choice, when masked teenage purges came to the door demanding the release of the man who entered the home because of Charlie. It was a decision to save his family from death or to kill an innocent man, so the worthless teenagers could participate in the purge. He could have easily given the man to the teenagers since there were no family or friend ties, but he decided to risk his and his family’s life to save the man since he would be participating in the purge if he gave the man up. And finally, the mother was faced with a moral choice, when she spared her neighbours after they decided to that they would save the Sandins from the remaining purges and make the family their purge. She easily could have got her revenge for her envious and fake neighbours, but she decided to not too.

self -interest cannot be determined by blind desires or at random whims, but must be discovered and achieved by the guidance of rational principles. This is why the Objectivist ethics is a morality of rational self -interest-or of rational selfishness”(Rand,4). Mentioning if an individual acts in one’s own interest does not rule out the possibility of them helping another individual.

But the aid would be beneficial to both individuals, something is returned. Self-interest is an idea that appears in the theory and in several characters. In the movie the masked killer plead to the Sandins to let the man out of their house, so they could “cleanse their souls “an action they are entitled to.  This action by the masked teenaged killers would be unacceptable if it were following the rule of Objectivist ethics. Since action upon desires is unacceptable, but an action that would be acceptable in the movie was when Charlie open the doors for the man. His family was action in their own self-interest by protecting themselves and putting up flowers to show their support for the purge. When Charlie open the door.

He put his believes about the events behind him to aid the man, which the rest of his family did further on in the movie. It turned out be a beneficial, since later the man appears and helps the family from their envious neighbor who were going to kill them.