In “black codes” which restricted African Americans from possessing

In Las Vegas there were more than 500 wounded or killed from a mass shooting. Are gun laws strict enough? Should we strengthen gun laws? There has been many debates on gun laws. Such as sale of guns, gun ownership, and illegal guns in the US. Most of this cause was from mass shootings, homicides, and other gun related murder. Can we stop this? If you had to guess how many countries allow a citizen to own a gun? In history only three countries in the world including the US allow a citizen to own a gun. In 1791 the bill of rights was passed and the second amendment gave us the right to bear arms. This meant that any citizen of this country could freely own a gun. Next in 1865 several states came up with “black codes” which restricted African Americans from possessing guns. This made it seem like whites had all power. Then jumping to 1871 “The National Rifle Association NRA” was organized to improve marksmanship in preap for war. This eventually started putting down new laws such as Federal Firearms Act of 1934 and The Gun Control Act of 1938. These restricted people under age, with criminal records, or not being responsible. That brought us to today which has much debate. Gun laws are supposed to enforce, but there is still much debate. Such as Gun control, gun power, and illegal guns. Some say gun laws are to weak. They say mass shootings like Las Vegas and The Church in Texas, have proved it. Even though there has been tons of new gun laws people do not follow them. In a article i read called “Guns in America: Issue Review” on NewsEla It said “Chicago and Illinois in general has the most shooting in the country. So does strengthening gun laws really help? That is most of the debate. In That same article it also wrote “Congress tried passing new gun laws. At the time President Obama denied most all of them and then there was even more shootings. This did not help. They did not know what to do at this point and they just left it alone. Since then nothing has changed and there is still much debate. Are current gun laws beneficial? The answer is yes. I researched on multiple websites such as The Debate and Pro/Con.Org and almost every answer was yes. A Popular comment on both websites was If they take our guns how will we fight back”. So having firearms to most people is very important. THey have saved us in multiple situations like WWI and II. If we didn’t have guns we wouldn’t have freedom in the first place. Even though there is some goods there is always at least one bad. Unfortunately gun control laws have caused two mass shootings. It also has caused a lot of other small shootings. The people who think they are not beneficial don’t want to increase them, but actually weaken them. In theory are currently beneficial. Strengthening gun laws be beneficial in many ways but also in bad ways. Strengthening gun laws could have saved tons of lives.Some will make me people happy. Some will make people sad.